The young man ordered pizza, perfectly imitating Belinda’s voice, but her mother discovered it: “She apologized to me”

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Some social network users were surprised by the similarity of the voice, while others noted that it was not very similar to the player’s.

Belinda impersonator wanted prank pizza (Photo: IG @belindapop/TikTok loretroncosog)
Belinda impersonator wanted prank pizza (Photo: IG @belindapop/TikTok loretroncosog)

Belinda is one of the best-known singers at the national level, and both her tone and speaking style are highly characteristic of her. Therefore, on this occasionn, a young influencer which is known TikTok as it almost perfectly imitates the voice of the celebrity, he told me about the time he fooled some pizzerias posing as an actress Welcome to Eden.

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User Lorena Troncoso (@loretroncosog) recounted an anecdote she had as a child, and although she was sorry for what she had done at the time, she recovered that the joke was not malicious for her part.

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“(It happened) a long time ago, Don’t start with ‘you’re so cruel’ yes I was so cruel but I was 11 years old. Anyway, he was with my friend Meli, we talked to order pizza And back then, the same conversation could be heard on both phones, luckily my mother was listening,” she began.

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As part of that moment, when she contacted the restaurant, Lore quickly stepped into the role and began speaking as a singer of similar songs. Dying slow, light without gravity anyone Selfish.

Belinda has a certain tone of voice (@belindapop)
Belinda has a certain tone of voice (@belindapop)

“I talk to the pizzeria and say: ‘Hello, good day, I’m Belinda, I want to place an order. One big cheese pizza, another big pepperoni pizza, I want to add spaghetti and a side salad to my order. and I said ‘Yes’ and gave the address of where I live and (they told me): ‘Can the pizza chef take a picture with you? ‘ and I said, ‘Yes, I’ll take it from here with great pleasure, thank you very much’”.

“I hang up and all I hear is my mom: ‘Slug escuincla, come here’ and I said: ‘Damn it My mom caught me,’ and my mom asked me to call the pizzeria to apologize and say it wasn’t Belinda.”

The response from internet users was immediate, with many astonished at the similarity in sound between the artist and the influencer.


Reply to @gin_elegante talking like Belinda this is how she ordered pizza 🤣 #humor #fypシ #for you

♬ original sound – Lore

“How do you get two different sounds?” “Hahahahaha exactly like that.” “The question is, what would you do when the maid asked for the photo?” “Same voice.” “When he doesn’t talk like Belinda, he talks more like Belinda” was among those mentioned.

Also, other users TikTok They applauded her mother’s move to make the young woman see her mistake, and a few more heard Lore’s voice Helpers to the rescue.

“What a good mother with values, at least you apologized” . “How true mom, I, as a mom, follow the game to the door.” “What a beautiful and best education of your mother.” “Am I the only one who thinks you don’t sound like Belinda? ”. “But it doesn’t sound like it, I don’t understand why they thought it was Belinda,” they stated.

Belinda goes viral for saying she got sick with pigs

A video started circulating a few days ago. TikTok where was it observed Belinda saying that after he ate his food he felt well known swine sick

Belinda on swine disease (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)
Belinda on swine disease (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

The trailer corresponded to an interview with the singer. Vanity Fair Spain and where he confesses some aspects of his daily life.

Regarding the pig’s disease – a feeling of fatigue reaching our body body after eating singer of hits beautiful betrayal He stressed that this is something that usually happens to him, but he said he didn’t let the weight succumb and decided to take action to let the feeling pass.

“I want to sleep after dinner . I’ve already come to the last part of the dessert and I say, ‘Oh, we can take a nap’, he commented.

Source: Info Bae

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