Benin actor Sègbé Azankpo talks about his friendship with Sadio Mané

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Among the players from Benin Arzu Segbe Azankpo and Sadio ManeThere is a long-term friendship. The USL Dunkirk striker recently opened up about his relationship with the Liverpool star on Senewetv. According to the squirrel’s words, the African champion is like a brother to him, his “best friend”. The two men met at the training center Football Generation in Dakar. Segbe Azankpo He came from Benin and didn’t necessarily understand the local language, Wolof. “He was there to play the translators, to protect me because everybody was talking Wolof, not me. And sometimes it was not nice to be said. He suddenly came forward to defend me, that’s how friendship was woven.” said the Benin player.

From “Génération Foot” to Metz in France

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The two men spent two seasons together in Senegal. Then, Sadio Mané went to Metz in France. Segbe Azankpo joined him, and since the club was aware of their friendship, they allowed him to share a room with the Senegalese. When asked if her relationship with the African champion was affected by the fame the latter gained, she answers negatively. “I wouldn’t be my friend if it changed. I don’t care about your bad reputation, all the heights you’ve reached, you can’t be my friend if you don’t look like me. Today it’s me Sadio, I see the little boy I know. We’re both 5 years old, kids, I find him again and I’m happy with him” said the Usl Dunkirk striker.

The generosity of the people is a fact.

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For Squirrel, everyone sees the star Sadio Mané, but he’s just his friend, so “boy” Someone she’s known since she was 15-16 years old. The people of Benin also talked about the features of the star. “Sadio is a joker in intimacy. He will make jokes. The generosity of the people is a fact. He is a very generous person in private, he wants to give, he wants to be there for others. USL Dunkirk said striker.

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