In Curry, the city of racing explores the orientalism of the haute couture house Lecoanet Hemant.

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The city of curry racing and fashion offers a journey through the times and continents. The exhibition “Orientalists of Haute Couture” honors the prestigious house Lecoanet Hemant.

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How do I change the fur on my haute couture clothes? This question has plagued designers in recent years in the face of consumer demand for more ethical and ecological fashion.

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Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet, who named the house bearing the name of haute couture, have been working on this issue since the mid-1990s. One of their avant-garde ideas is to make a jacket from pineapple fiber. The exhibition “Haute Couture Orientalists” dedicated to them until December 31, 2022 at the Race and Fashion Market in Curry talks about their innovation and installation in India in New Delhi since 2000.

Gorgeous pine cones

“The principle of this house is a fusion of culture and textiles. They are great travelers who have always brought back the most diverse objects and fabrics in their suitcases. And they were inspired by them for their creation. Therefore, this exhibition is an invitation to travel the dreamy, reviewed and reconstructed Orient theme. ” Introducing the curator of the exhibition, Shajia Boucher.

Iconic duo, Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet talk about their creative process and the impact that shapes their work. “I looked for something simpler, like pine cones or embroidered pieces of wood. This was a technical challenge, but the results were very good.” Testify to Didier Lecoanet.

The lack of certain materials can lead to bright ideas for the two creators. “The sharpest creations are sometimes constraints. There are times when we’re out of stock or don’t have enough money to buy. That is, we’ve joined together in different ways, and now that’s the wonder of creation. It has become. “Hemant Sagar laughs.

Exhibition “Orientalist of Haute Couture” It will be displayed until December 31, 2022 in the City of Curry Racing and Fashion.

Source: Francetvinfo

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