Nabilla, Maeva Ghennam, Carla Moreau: The richest reality TV nominees!

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Nabilla, Carla Moreau, Maeva Ghennam… reality TV stars make a lot of money. But who are the richest?

They are called Nabilla, Carla Moreau or Maeva Ghennam. reality tv stars, They became influencers and real businesswomen. Between shots, product placements and brands, they all lead a very good life. But who wins the most? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Reality TV contestants make a fortune

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With the rise of reality TV in France, some stars of these programs have made a fortune. Undoubtedly, they make money thanks to the filming of their variety shows, but that’s not all. Just the opposite!

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Beyond TV, these stars have become real influencers, followed by millions on social networks. Some took advantage of their popularity start very profitable business !

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Sports betting, trade, cosmetics and clothing brandseveral reality TV stars started their own business. Businesses that work and have great returns!

On top of that, some reality TV stars also take advantage of their popularity. sell your photos and videos. On sites like Mym or Onlyfans, they encourage subscribers to pay a subscription to access exclusive content.

In most cases, these are content of an erotic nature. Some reality TV stars do indeed their dream body to seduce many clients !

However, it remains the biggest source of income for reality TV stars above all else. product placements. Indeed, they seduce brands and become real advertising posters thanks to their huge community!

Product placement on social media

These TV stars on social media Millions of followers followed. However, they don’t just use social networks to tell their stories. Just the opposite! It’s an incredible source of income for them, too.

Indeed, the brands smelled the coup. They’re calling these stars Promote their products on Instagram, Snapchat and partners.. And rightfully so, considering the huge crowds of particular personalities, it’s a publicity stunt!

For a sponsored post or product placement, brands thus pay huge sums. And the more the reality star is known and followed, the higher the prices go. It makes so much sense!

“I have 2.7 million followers on Instagram. I have 500,000 on YouTube. There’s some on Twitter. In short, there are many people following me! “We’re not going to lie to each other, doing this job has changed my life.” e.g. trusted TMC Milla Jasmine is a reality TV star in France.

And to continue: “Beyond TV… One cannot exist without the other because when you do a reality show, you have visibility on your social networks. Visibility brings more placements, attracts brands ».

Today the young woman says she won between 80.000 and 100,000 € per month. Thanks to the shots, but most of all thanks to the product placement!

Nabilla: Queen of influencers

We no longer offer it! In just 10 years, Nabilla becomes the star of reality TV in France. But how did the young woman explode in the middle?

It all started in 2013. The beautiful brunette took part in the 5th season of the series. reality tv angels. his famous line ” Hello ! No but hello, what! » It causes a huge hum on the internet. This brought him instant fame!

Very quickly, Nabilla becomes a phenomenon. Therefore, it has the right own reality show, Hello NebillaThe concept is taken from the USA and the Kardashian family.

The young woman quickly ignores reality TV. Actually, he wants change the image and improve other activities. For example, as of 2014 it includes: TPMP team at C8 !

First of all, he started own cosmetics brand Nabilla Beauty, it’s a big hit. Often in the media, he even hosts the show Love Island France on Prime Video!

Better, becomes a model and puts plastic at the service of the biggest. She parades for Jean-Paul Gaultier and poses for Vogue magazine. Only this !

real business women Nabilla now lives in Dubai, with her children and husband, Thomas Vergara. And now she is followed by over 7 million followers on Instagram!

With all this, Nabilla is making a real fortune. Through its various activities, it will truly touch between 300.000 and 400.000 € per month, according to the public. But not alone!

Maeva Ghennam’s income

If Nabilla is still the queen of influencers in reality TV, other young women have established themselves in the middle. This situation is particularly famous Maeva Ghennam !

Marseille star Maeva Ghennam, followed by 3.3 million people on Instagram a real phenomenon. He even had the right own rap song !

Behind her bitch image, beautiful brunette capitalize on its popularity to make a fortune. Besides making movies, they make a lot of money thanks to product placement!

First of all, Maeva Ghennam launched own cosmetics brand Maeva Ghennam Beauty. Just like Nabilla, she’s very successful in this business that earns her a lot of money!

Thanks to all this, star of Marseille would perceive between 130.000 and 180.000 € per month, according to the public. How to live well!

Léana, Astrid Nelsia, Illan: various riches

Beyond Nabilla and Maeva Ghennam, other reality TV nominees make a very good living. Suffice to say they shouldn’t be pitied!

For example, Illan Castronovo earns between 50,000 and 100,000 € According to the Public again per month. The revenue he owes to his product placements and filming!

The beautiful Léana Zaoui is not left out either.. The chubby brunette can cost between €10,000 and €100,000. And that’s thanks to the footage, ads, and content on Onlyfans!

His girlfriend Astrid Nelsia is also doing very well. Between filming, product placements, and the Mym and Onlyfans accounts, the young woman would earn between €20,000 and €100,000 per month. Only this !

Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, Tanti, Jazz and Laurent… the reality TV couple hit hard

Reality TV’s star couples are also very strong. It is well known: two, we go further! Like this, Manon and Julien Tanti would earn between €250.000 and €300.000According to the public.

A bonus they owe the movie for the product placement, in aesthetic salons (Paradise of Beauty), brands and online stores. There are so many activities that pay off!

Another star couple of reality TV, Carla Moreau and her boyfriend Kevin Guedj. In addition to filming and product placements, the couple owns a beauty salon (Mon Caprice 2.0) and their brand (Pulsera). All this allows them to earn between € 200,000 and € 250,000 per month.

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia would receive between €350,000 and €450,000. Again, according to our colleagues, once a month. Shooting, product placement and their brands (Jylor, Bianochy and BBryance) have a lot to do with it!

Finally, The couple formed by Jazz and Laurent Correia will be the most profitable. Between shots, product placements, sports betting, JLC Family shows and brands on TFX, they will earn between €450,000 and €600,000. Figures that turn heads!

Source From: Google News

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