Jean-Louis Trintignant’s Death: “He is one of the actors who scares us,” says Claude Lelouch.

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The director made seven films with an actor who died on Friday at the age of 91, including the 1966 Palmdor award-winning “Man and Woman”.

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“It’s a big part of my life” After Jean-Louis Trintignant died on Friday, June 17, at the age of 91, I lost and reacted to Claude Lelouch of France Info. “”I had the opportunity to make seven movies together. He was the first actor to say yes to me, and thanks to that magical Jesus everything else happened. He played an important role and I will have many problems getting used to him when he leaves. At this moment, all my friends are leaving. “Add Claude Lelouch.

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For men and womenIt was Jean-Louis Trintignant who chose Claude Lelouch, and not the other way around. “I made a movie called Girl and gun This wasn’t very successful, but he was one of the few viewers who liked the movie.The director says. Leaving the room, he told me he really liked it, and one day if I had an idea for him, he would immediately say yes.A week later I suggested he shoot Men and women I was starting to write. This will be the beginning of their collaboration.

“Jean-Louis Trintignant was a great movie dad.”

Claude Lelouch, director

on franceinfo

Beyond Jean-Louis Trintignant’s acting, Claude Lelouch remembers “His extraordinary voice. Of all the voices I heard, it was far more beautiful and true. He was always in the nuances and the nuances we hear.The voice of Jean-Louis Trintignant “I listened to the melody without listening to real instruments and words... “

Jean-Louis Trintignant saw “It’s pretty black and that’s why it worked for me to be positive. We were very complementary.”Claude Lelouch explains. I spent my life to cheer him up. But I must say that life with him was very difficult. He is one of those actors who gives us the gift of their scars. “

Source: Francetvinfo

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