‘Be careful’: Sam Heughan (Outlander) gives a warning to his fans

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Sam Heughan, star of the series foreignHe wanted to share an important message to his fans on his Instagram story on Wednesday, June 15th.

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He is one of today’s most beloved English-speaking actors. After developing on boards, it happened in 2014. Sam Heughan He gained worldwide fame thanks to his interpretation of the character. Jamie Fraser in the series foreign, adapted from the novel series Thistle and Tartan Diana Gabaldon’s photo. he answers Caitriona Balfeportraying the character of Claire Fraser, his wife. Historical fiction is a platform where you can find all the episodes that have fascinated Netflix subscribers since its first season. On May 2, season 6 ended with a huge cliffhanger, a source of disappointment for fans. Eight years after the first episode aired, the success of the still undisputed series is still accompanied by traditional comics. opposite of fame for actors. Sam Heughan had more proof of this recently, This prompted him to warn his fans.

“Beware of scammers”

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On Wednesday, June 15th, the Scottish actor, who will be appearing in a new series soon, wanted to clarify the matter. On her Instagram story, she recommended the following to her 3 million followers: beware of malicious people acting like himand demand money. “Please, watch out for scammers. Neither I nor my team will contact you. Neither agent/manager/friend/family member or advertiser”, He wrote. Sam Heughan reveals he’s not too Not registered with the messaging app. Protect yourself and each other‘ he concluded his message. By starting this alert, Sam Heughan first of all wants to warn his fans about this. fake accounts stealing your identity to fool their fans.

Fooled fans

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As noted hello magazine, some fans unfortunately stripped in the past. A New Yorker paid in 2021 about 40,000 euros for a scammer, He thought Sam Heughan was investing in his whiskey brand. Another woman, a 56-year-old nurse from Florida, gave 42 thousand euros to a criminal two years after she became convinced that she had a secret romantic relationship with the actor. It’s the sad situations that push Sam Heughan to raise awareness among his audience.

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