Julie Depardieu: Another famous “Julie” she is very close to – Gala

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Julie Depardieu celebrates her 49th birthday on Saturday, June 18th. An opportunity to return to a privileged relationship with a woman who shares her job and surname: Julie sahibinden.

They have the same first island, the same occupation, and almost the same age. Julie Depardieu and Julie Pretty were made for each other. On the occasion of Gérard Depardieu’s daughter’s 49th birthday, a look at a friendship that spanned several years. in an interview he gave female version In 2016, Philippe Katerine’s friend relied on this relationship. “We’ve been sisters or cousins ​​a few times, especially in Les Rois maudits, Assemble, and a few TV movies. […] I truly consider him a member of my family. » Although her love affair with François Hollande changed the relationship between Julie Zengin and Julie Depardieu, this was never the case. “Throughout all these years, he hasn’t changed and we always have a lot to say to each other”she added, still in the columns of the women’s magazine.

Was the actress present at her friend’s wedding to the former President on June 4? It’s hard to tell as he’s the only celebrity identified. singer Benjamin BiolayWitness to Julie Fikir.

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> Discover the Depardieu family in pictures.

“We have a dog named Zuzou”

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Happy in friendship, Julie Depardieu also seems to be in love. They have been in a relationship with Philippe Katerine since 2010. Billy and Alfred’s parents. “Julie is there constantly, like a spirit that wanders, even disappears. As for the orchestra, she is the one who gives it when we need a note. […] Everything is fine at home. We have a dog named Zouzou. We no longer live in Paris, but in the suburbs. We see fox eyes glowing at night “, explained the singer and actress Here last April. A story that started on the set of the movie I am a country with no one By Thierry Jousse.

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