“The Flash” star Ezra Miller may leave Warner Bros. after multiple scandals

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The actor would flee from justice after accusations of allegedly harassing an underage child and supplying drugs, in addition to the problems he would have brought the company into.

Ezra Miller may no longer be part of Warnes Bros. (Photo: Gettyimages)
Ezra Miller may no longer be part of Warnes Bros. (Photo: Gettyimages)

after a few accusations to commit the alleged crimes, Ezra Miller caused the tape flash so in crisis Warner Bros. do you consider terminate your hero’s contract and look for the best option to start your movie.

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In recent years, Ezra Miller has had several scandals for his conduct, for allegedly being accused at least twice disturb the order also claimed to have provided drugs to minors .

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All these discussions caused Warnes Bros. to rethink the future. flashin addition, because The actor’s whereabouts are unknown. as reported by private media deadline .

If the studio decides, "The Flash" June 23, 2023
If the studio decided, “The Flash” would be released on June 23, 2023 (Photo: Warner Bros.)
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deadline reported Warner Bros. This review the movie screening flash Completed and planned to be built since 2021 release date June 23, 2023 . Also, Miller would probably no longer be part of the company.

And this is, as the source reports deadlinealthough the studio did its best to assist the interpreter Barry Allen -unsuccessful, because the actor continues to cause problems- and getting the movie released without a bad reaction, Having Ezra in his ranks is no longer an option .

Among those alleged Options Warner Bros. features: brand new flash inside hbo max ; cancel the ad Is it about Ezra Miller and the release of the movie or; follow the promotions regardless of the actor’s scandals and then remove him if things don’t work out.

The problem that will affect the company is that there is currently an investment in question. 200 million dollars in the movie flash.

What is Ezra Miller accused of?

Ezra Miller's reputation has been declining for two years due to multiple charges and legal issues he faced (Photo: Reuters)
Ezra Miller’s reputation has been declining for two years due to multiple charges and legal issues he faced (Photo: Reuters)

One of the last accusations facing the American actor that he would have deleted his Instagram account allegedly Abuse and drug supply to a minor named Takota Iron Eyes .

At the beginning of June, Takota Iron Eyes’ parents condemned the main character of the movie. Advantages of being invisible supposedly since 2016, Takota’s I was 12 years old , He administered drugs, alcohol, and even LSD .

According to the parents, the young woman dropped out of school Under the influence of Miller and went on a journey with him for a long season. At the same time that Histrion was included Two arguments with Hawaiian police .

Takota’s family also assured him that he would find it. bruises in his daughter, as provoked by the actor. However, the young woman did not know that Miller had a a great friend and source of support through the difficult years for him.

Despite the fact that Takota defended Ezra Miller through social networks, the actor would have to receive an award on June 15. restraining order ; however, the authorities would have been looking for him ever since. their whereabouts are unknown and that they could not inform him about his legal problems, Los Angeles times.

Miller shared this image that reads "You can
Miller shared this image that reads “You can’t touch me, I’m in another universe” (Photo: Screenshot/Instagram)

That same day, Miller shared an image of him being with her on his temporary Instagram stories. mocked by the authorities for not finding him . He later deleted his profile from the said social network.

Added to this issue two arrests allegedly in Hawaii last year disorderly behavior and harassment .

Source: Info Bae

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