Alessandro Michele and band members Måneskin discuss fame, collaboration, creativity and more

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Alexander: “I really like this metaphor of the mirror. Today it is a matter of perception. In a way, we decide for ourselves the time we live in and the rhythm of our lives.”

Victoria: “Yes, I have a complex relationship with these questions. I missed my family and friends when we went on tour for the last two years, but when I got back to Rome it was completely out of my mind. Today we have been traveling constantly for several years and it is very dangerous because the lack of time affects the quality of our music. Now you can write a song in just five days. It sounds crazy, but in reality we just need to focus on it…”

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Damian: “I totally agree. Everything is moving so fast. I would love to spend more time with my friends, my family, my girlfriend. Until then, it wasn’t one of my priorities because I was telling myself that I needed to achieve my goals in terms of sports and music. And then now that I’ve grown up, I’d love to spend more time with people, especially with my girlfriend.” I feel like I want to be able to get more pleasure from my parents and brother, with whom I also have a more equal, healthier relationship.

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Ethan: “I also want to have more time. But if there were, I would climb a mountain, look for a monastery, and find someone to teach me that I cannot learn on my own.”

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Thomas: “For myself, I don’t like to think too much about the passage of time. It hurts me so much. What I miss most is taking the time to play the guitar and grow as a musician. It’s hard to develop artistically when things go so fast. That’s why I try to find time to play even when I’m exhausted. I don’t want to be left behind and realize the dreams I had for myself.”

Ethan: “Yeah, that’s something I’m obsessed with. I call it the celebrity artist paradox. You have a lot of time to create before you’re famous, but once you start learning, everything just flies away. It’s inevitable.”

Damian: “Actually, it’s been a real problem in recent years. Artists constantly promote their work. For example, I fainted harry styles. He probably hasn’t taken a day off in the last four years. Part of me is impressed, but another part of me wonders if it’s okay to acclimatize people to such a pace and that we don’t lose a little of our humanity by giving ourselves so much. Overexposure and overwork have ruined the careers of top artists. No one is immune. When you can no longer enjoy life because you have too many responsibilities and you have an obsession with visibility (what if I say no to that interview, that television appearance, this tour?), so we start to suffocate. I don’t want to go crazy or die because I’ve been given drugs to keep going. There are so many good artists out there right now, I pray they stay healthy!”

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