A characterization of Miren Ibarguren in ‘La que se avecina’ receives harsh criticism

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season 13 of The one that is coming It is in full broadcast and the last episode of the series broadcast has caused some controversy. Specifically, the characterization that they have made of the actress Miren Ibarguren, which has provoked very harsh criticism on social networks.

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Her character Yolanda Morcillo quits smoking, this makes her start eating more and she gains a lot of weight. So in the series she is dressed in a padded suit and fitted with various prosthetics to make it look like she is overweight. A type of characterization that many people find offensive.

The actress shared the transformation in her networks.
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Critics of this subject consider that “disguising” a person as if they were overweight and making jokes about this subject is trivializing a delicate subject that can hurt the sensitivity of people who live this reality. The gag has been described as “fat-phobic”.

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“Promoting the stigma of fat people”, “Ridiculing obesity”, “Unpleasant and uncomfortable jokes about their weight status”, “Distorted vision of a useless and immobile person because they are fat”, are some of the points that have been raised. flagged for criticism.

The characterization has been heavily criticized.

“How unpleasant the scenes of Yolanda in the one that is coming, right? (Putting a lock on the fridge, calling her fat in 27 different ways and forcing her to look in the mirror when she is asking please not to force her) I have felt up to uncomfortable,” said a viewer after watching the episode.

Critical public

The review of humor in the series

The practice of characterizing actors as overweight people has been criticized on some occasions. The case that has been reviewed the most times has been Mónica in friends. The character, as a young man, was obese and they put prostheses on him to make him look like that. In addition, humor was made from this topic, something that was criticized many years later, like some other jokes in the series that some people consider outdated.

Look is one of the most important actresses in the series.

Similarly, The one that is coming It has also been analyzed in recent times from a critical point of view. Some characters make jokes that they have been considered sexist or racist and have been targeted.

Both the creators of the series and the fans have always defended that they only intend to make social satire and that the existence of these characters is a criticism of what they represent. From the other side, it is defended that there are many people who do not see this type of character as an ironic construction and consider them a role model, repeating jokes that appear in the series, causing discriminatory situations in real life, something that the creators should consider.

Source: Lavanguardia

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