Guillaume Cramoisan: how many children does he have?

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Guillaume Cramoisan, 53, is an actor known for his role as a cop. series PJ on France 2 (1999 – 2003). He started his theater career in 1992.Lady of the CamelliasIn other words, his role in the volume of Franck Lamougies laid the foundations for his reputation. Of course, Guillaume Cramoisan is also known for his other famous works. profilingin 2008 TF1or Palace Boulevardin 2012 France 2. Actor from Paris has had many successes on television. But this celebrity would happily trade him for a happier family life.

Indeed, in 2015, Parisian want to prioritize the life of his two sons. According to the media, Guillaume Cramoisan is currently the father of two boys aged 19 and 12. The actor admitted that he made the decision, despite being very secretive about his private life. Moved to Ardèche in 2015 especially for their children. to be his aimto increase the chances of their sons growing up in a different environment.“, as reported lascelebrite. “We needed to find a school that could identify with the academic challenges of our elders. Ardèche is a very beautiful area inhabited by caring residents. There’s an easier attitude to find‘ he declared Parisian. “The eldest was struggling at school and we needed to find a school that understood him. Ardece (…)

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