What do our erotic dreams really mean?

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The alarm clock goes off, you quietly go out and wonder why you are dreaming of having sex with your boss there. Some may be embarrassed by this and wonder if there is genuine sexual desire behind all this. But don’t panic, whatever happens, you’re not alone in this sort of thing. hot dreams.

According to a research IFOP for Tous au lit and Flash, More than 2 out of 3 French have already tried (69%, 78% of men and 76% of under 35s). In fact, 42% have already dreamed of having sex with someone. with a friend, 27% with a colleague, 19% with a celebrity, and 8% with a politician ». But what could all this mean?

sleep with your boss

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A sexual dream about someone who has authority over you, whether it’s your teacher, boss, or other supervisor, could point to a few things, depending. Lauri Loewenberg, dream interpretation expert Either you seek his approval or you want to obtain one of his qualities. In any case, sexual attraction to this person is not automatic.

sleep with your ex

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It’s common for people in a romantic relationship to dream of their current or former partner. These dreams can be part of transforming an existing relationship or just saying that you miss your ex. But it can also mean that you are moving forward successfully and are grieving at the end.

sleep with a stranger

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Having sex with a stranger in a dream may just be a sign. healthy libido and one normal sexual arousal. First of all, if you feel guilty about your current partner, don’t worry, it doesn’t (necessarily) indicate a desire to cheat.

cheating on your partner

While dreams about cheating are not a direct reflection of your waking life, they may correspond to feelings of jealousy or a lack of intimacy in your current relationship. In this case, it may be helpful to discuss this with your partner.

Sleep with a celebrity

In general, if you’re dreaming of having sex with a celebrity, there’s something you want them to have. According to Lauri Loewenberg, ” If he’s a movie star, there’s probably a quality in his character that you desire. “.

make love in public

It seems pretty common to dream of having sex in public. However, according to Loewenberg, the place where the scene takes place is important. However, being open to the public is first and foremost a need for recognition or a goal of “status”.

BDSM practice

If you are practicing BDSM in your dream, it may indicate that you are. too hard on yourself, according to Loewenberg. However, it may also mean that you want more control over some areas of your life or that you want someone else to take control. And of course, it could also mean that you are interested in this possibility and would like to try it in real life.

sleep with a friend

Finally, dreaming of having sex with a friend does not mean that you have a deep sexual desire for that person. Rather, it is an unconscious connection or intimacy on some psychological or emotional level. So do not panic, do not question your beautiful friendly relationship so little.

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