Dawson’s daughter uses her famous crying “meme” to make fun of her!

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James van Der Beek says it’s “pretty violent”!

This is one of the most famous “memes” on the internet. Face of woe DawsonPainfully crippled after being dumped by Joey for Pacey, it’s been used on the internet for decades…

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A remaining image and this James Van DerBeek must assume. When the world laughs at him. Even his ex-player friends. Even her 12 year old daughter!

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Joshua Jackson pressured Joey not to finish with Dawson.

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“We got the kids iPads for some e-learning, Explain James Van DerBeek On the People magazine website. “And they discovered memes right away. So it started right away. My older daughter started sending me this meme in response to some messages. Frankly, it’s pretty violent.”

father of six children James Van DerBeek He must be teasing himself too much to cash in: “I love memes. This is my favorite thing in the whole series. It’s hilarious to work on a show for six years… and it’s three seconds.”

He also allowed himself to be an actor. “He’s really honest with his kids about his whole celebrity experience. What that means and what it doesn’t mean. It’s an interesting thing to explain to kids… I think they almost have to understand.”

Source From: Google News

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