A reality TV candidate accused of witchcraft!

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by johnnyc

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– Posted 24 November 2022 18:28

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Another iconic candidate after Carla Moreau is accused of witchcraft! News that shocked internet users!

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Carla Moreau was accused of witchcraft in March 2021. A scandal that left its mark on the reality TV world. Alright a new black magic story It would explode again. Marc Blata explained this a few months ago. Carla Moreau had used a ritual to hurt her best friend. To Maeva Ghennam, but also to Manon Tanti and even to her husband Kevin Guedj. Candidates who discovered all this were shocked.

Carla Moreau has been through hell ever since she played with fire. She broke up with her boyfriend Kevin. A delightful moment for Carla Moreau’s enemies. i have to say this young woman wished for the end of her best friend’s career and harming the children of other candidates. After that Other scandals erupted in this case of black magic. applicant Manon Tanti also practiced witchcraft.

Manon Tanti used to practice witchcraft on a goat.

Blogger Aqababe announced shocking information about Manon Tanti on the networks. He used to sacrifice a goat during a ritual. “No one is afraid of Manon. Just because she’s a mother, posting hot videos or files like a sulphurous past, escorting isn’t done much out of respect for children… On the other hand, if someone’s talking about the goat they’re going to sacrifice, let’s have a laugh hihi Manon is a big fan of witchcraft. and rituals of all kinds. He used to sacrifice a goat for money and fame. ptdr. To have a career like hers? I don’t think it’s worth it. He was the one driving Carla while they were friends. There are many files about Manon outside of the TDS history. » mailed it. It’s possible to be a reality TV star like anything.

Source From: Google News

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