Peter Jackson teases his Beatles documentary: “Their music transcends generations”

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Adele’s fame got her out of trouble with the police. The England star recalled the incident during a question-and-answer session with actor Samuel L. Jackson for the ITV TV special “An Audience With Adele”, admitting she had escaped a ticket thanks to its name.

“I was driving a rental car with the windows tinted a little too dark,” she said. “I was going to the supermarket and a police car pulled up behind me. I didn’t know what to do so I pulled over. I gave my English driver’s license to the officer, but the picture doesn’t look like me not at all because I was 17 when I took it. ”

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Luckily, the officer’s wife called him and yelled at him, reminding him who the singer was.

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“He got back from his car on the phone with his wife, and she was screaming,” Adele continued. “And he said to me ‘I’m sorry Adele. Do what you need to do.” So she saved me, really. ”

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On the other hand, Adele recently admitted that fame has never really been her forte.

During an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1, the singer of “Easy On Me” explained about his album “30”: “I don’t like being a celebrity at all … and this album is a way for me to tell my story. ” The star also thinks it’s important for other artists to hear her new record.

“I did it all on my own,” she said. “If I have to thank anybody, it’s me. Because I’ve been really, really dedicated to myself. And yes, I think it’s just as important that other artists hear this album, these artists as the we encourage not to see the value of their art, these artists who are told that their records must absolutely be a hit. Because that’s not what, an artist. “

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