Marvel’s Avengers: first gameplay video with Spider-Man, already disappointments

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The arrival of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers exclusively on PS4 and PS5 is planned for a long time, but has recently been confirmed for this November 30th. We’ve since seen a cutscene and a trailer to the comic book aesthetic, but it is only today that the first video showing the gameplay of this superhero is unveiled.

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IGN was able to try out the character for almost 2 hours, and was able to share his impressions in a video commentary illustrated by game scenes provided by Square Enix. Already, it will not have a dedicated mission or story arc, Spider-Man will simply be playable in general modes. On the combat side, it will be classic, with canvases, acrobatics, the Spider-Sense, a Web Bomb to immobilize opponents, a Spider Drone to support us punctually, or a Wrecking Ball to knock out nearby targets. If the fights seem to make the coffee, reporter Simon Cardy notes that this is not really the case when moving around swinging from webs : between the design of the environments not adapted to the canvas swing and the invisible walls which block the natural progression in height as on the edges of the map, the result is not ideal in the urban area of ​​the demo, and even less so in the more rural areas.

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We will have to wait until next week and the update for consoles PlayStation to get an opinion, but the direct comparison with Marvel’s Spider-Man d’Insomniac Games risk of hurting. Marvel’s Avengers is available from € 13.49 on

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