Phil pulls out fake immunity collar on Koh Lanta, The Legend, Denis Brogniart’s reaction is hilarious

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In Koh Lanta, The Legend, Phil pulled out a fake council immunity collar and got internet users reacting en masse. It was to protect themselves and try to go as far as possible in the adventure that Timéo and Aya’s dad had the idea of ​​this deception, which made people laugh more than anything else. Because on November 30, 2021, it was Ugo who was eliminated just before the grand final of this All Stars edition. And if during this sequence, Denis Brogniart kept his seriousness for the good progress of the game, in reality, the latter was also very amused by the situation. During a live Instagram, he reacted in a hilarious way …

On December 1, 2021, the host as usual, debriefed the last episode broadcast on TF1 and spoke again about the famous fake necklace: “It was a joke!” he said. “There the fake necklace, it was useless (…) I swear to you, I have to bite my lip so as not to laugh and not to go into a real giggle” he added with a laugh.

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Denis Brogniart gets on well with the candidates, with whom he shares wonderful moments every season. We can therefore imagine that he must have been very sorry when he had to exclude Teheiura for cheating a few weeks ago … Speaking of which, know that Clémence revealed what happened in the camp of final jury when Teheiura was fired from Koh Lanta, La Légende.

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