Roman Reigns to face Brock Lesnar on Day 1

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WWE’s first pay-per-view in 2022 won’t be the Royal Rumble like we’re used to, but Day 1! A brand new show which will be held on Saturday January 1 (the night from Saturday to Sunday in France) and which will therefore launch this new year on – we hope – the hats of wheels.

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We already knew that Big E will defend the WWE title against Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens this January 1st. Regarding the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns will also have a title defense to make that night. Sami Zayn did indeed win the Battle Royal week, allowing him to face the champion on Day 1. However, Brock Lesnar encouraged him to postpone his meeting at SmackDown this week.

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Result: Roman Reigns remained champion thanks to an intervention of the Beast before the bell rings.

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Thereby, Roman Reigns will defend the Universal Championship on Day 1 against an opponent he knows well: Brock Lesnar. So who will be champion for the start of 2022?

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Source From: Google News

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