Resident Evil: first visuals of a zombie dog for Netflix’s live-action series

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The first video game Resident Evil plunged players into an undead-infested mansion, but not only that. the Virus-T affects all living things and therefore sharks, plants and even dogs. The Zombified Doberman is a cult monster of the franchise and he will obviously be present in the series live from Netflix.

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And precisely, the producers share this week a first visual of the zombified dog of Resident Evil, accompanied by the caption: “A better today. A brighter tomorrow. “. A doberman as aggressive as he is frightening who should annoy heroes well, although the series will focus as a reminder on Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) and his daughters Jade and Billie. In addition to a video above relayed by What’s on Netflix, the official account Instagram from the share series an image of the dog as well as the official logo :

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Resident Evil Série Netflix logo live

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Unfortunately, still no release period in sight for this series Resident Evil on Netflix. In the meantime, the film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is still in theaters, you can find our opinion below as well as the book Resident Evil Generation at € 19.90 on Amazon.

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