Hawkeye might not have had a key scene if Kevin Feige wasn’t there

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Hawkeye is a series that goes way beyond our expectations and its next one promises to be even crazier than the others. As her series is in full swing and fans are delighted with what they discover, we learn that a key scene from the show might never have existed … Bertie, director of the series, says: “It was only after he started shooting the show that Kevin thought to himself, ‘There is too much going on at night. We have to put some footage into the day. But we had everything planned at night! So we got together. reunited with our great team and we decided to take it. We had already decided to do as many practical things as possible, but it inspired us to do even more concrete things. The result was incredible. ” So what scene is it?

Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

Do you remember the car scene? As Kate and Clint attempt to escape and outrun Echo and his gang, the two archers find themselves in the car shooting arrows in an attempt to slow down enemies. Bert, the other director d’Hawkeye, asserts: “Our cameras are determined by what the character needs and the central part of this chase sequence is the chatter and the relationship between Clint and Kate.” She continues and specifies that the film crew wondered for a long time how to create an action scene in a car unlike anything audiences have seen before : “So we wondered how we got to stay in the car. We’ve all seen millions of car chases, there are huge franchises that do them so well on an epic scale. So we thought ‘it has to be around the characters’. “

The car scene in HawkeyeThe car scene in Hawkeye
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“So we wanted the camera to stay in the car. Then we thought it would be fun if, while the camera was rolling, all the action was going on around them. And then when Kate comes out the window, fine. of course our camera follows her because she is guided by the character … “ Bert finishes. This isn’t the first time Kevin Feige has given his thoughts on MCU productions. A few months ago, Black Widow director Cate Shortland revealed that the big boss of Marvel Studios has been battling to keep a key scene in the film. We can therefore conclude one thing: Kevin Feige very often has excellent ideas for his projects, you must always listen to him.

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Source From: Google News

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