Megan Thee Stallion vs Tory Lanez: The press pointed out by the rapper

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As new details have emerged in the affair between her and Tory Lanez, the American rapper criticizes the media treatment that reserves her a some press.

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Canadian rapper Tory Lanez will be tried for shooting Megan Thee Stallion, he faces up to 22 years in prison. The facts date back to July 12, 2020, when on the sidelines of a party organized by Kylie Jenner in Hollywood Hills, the two artists accompanied by a friend of the rapper and Lanez’s bodyguard, share the same car to leave the event. On the way, the Houston rapper asks to be dropped off after an argument erupts in the vehicle. It was then that Tory Lanez allegedly shot him, shouting: “Dance, bitch!”. A sentence reported by Ryan Stogner, a police detective in Los Angeles, during a new hearing held on December 14. In the aftermath of this new revelation, the American rapper took on the press on Twitter, accusing her of only retaining part of the facts.

Alcohol, lies and bullets

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On the evening of July 12, 2020, after receiving bullet shrapnel in the ankle, Megan Thee Stallion will tell investigators that she stepped on broken glass and then crawled to a nearby alley. It is in any case the first version that she will deliver to the police before doing an about-face last August during a Live Instagram. Live from her social network with 27 million subscribers, she explains that in reality the Canadian rapper Tory Lanez opened fire on her. A change of version which gives a whole new dimension to the case. So why did Megan Thee Stallion lie? For two specific reasons the rapper: the fear that Tory Lanez will be arrested but also, as Detective Stogner testifies, that the police use force by discovering a car full of black people, one of whom is in possession of a weapon. “She was afraid because there had been recent police shootings, and she was worried that the police might shoot the accused since he had just committed a shooting.“, He declared this Tuesday, December 14th.

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According to the investigation Tory Lanez would have apologized to the young woman “insistently”And would have offered to drive her home, the court heard. An agent fee was also allegedly offered by Lanez to buy Stallion’s silence. While the Canadian artist claims to be innocent, prosecutors spotted a phone call from Tory Lanez to a friend of Stallion on the night of the shooting. “I’m so sorry… so I feel crazy that I made a mistake“, Can we read in a partial transcript of the appeal read in court in Los Angeles. Tory Lanez, who also confessed to being drunk in the same appeal, will face court on January 13 for a new hearing. He faces 22 years in prison. And if negotiations were underway to change the outcome of the verdict, as revealed by Rolling Stone magazine, Lanez’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, confirmed that American justice would ultimately not offer a sentence negotiation.

The wrath of Meghan Thee Stallion

During the same hearing, Detective Stogner explained that Megan would have confided in him having argued with Kelsey Harris, her former assistant, present in the car with her and Lanez before the shooting. A detail of the story which was taken up by some celebrity media and which made the rapper react on Twitter. “I was shot and the focus of some of the headlines in the press does not mention the fact that I was attacked with a gun while unarmed, and tries to portray it as a little argument between friends, why do I have to go through this with everyone on the internet every day? You lift me up ”.

If the American media Vulture recently decried the media treatment reserved for black women in the affairs of various facts (we remember the beginnings of the R.Kelly case), this “beef” has especially made the head of the press people, the whole amplified by social networks. The more traditional media continue to relay the various audiences and twists and turns of this affair which should have its epilogue on January 13. Still on Twitter, other hip-hop personalities had chosen to belittle the young woman by using questionable humor. This is the case of rapper Cam’ron who had insinuated that Tory Lanez had shot Stallion after discovering it was a man. 50 Cent will publicly apologize to the young woman after sharing a meme poking fun at Stallion.

Megan Thee Stallion has just signed a major partnership with Nike.

December 19, 2021

Source From: Google News

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