Down with the masks, up with the lips

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Lipsticks with refillable casings, design, whimsical, illustrated, with accessories… Lips, hidden for so long behind masks, want to talk and hope again. With their calculated mix of color and treatment, they are also champions of hybrid cosmetics, one of the trends that, due to its multifunctionality, will give a lot to talk about this year.

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What’s in it? The blurred lipsthe new way to call the effect mouth bite which, due to its rejuvenating and fresh effect, is a make-up classic. To achieve them, the color of the bar is applied only in the center of the lips and is extended towards the ends with the fingers creating the gradient that characterizes them.

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The eyeliner is back, thanks to a renewed look at the makeup of the nineties, with its matte, nude and brown tones

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Another basic that returns to the ring is the eyeliner, thanks to a renewed look at the makeup of the nineties, with its matte, nude and brown tones. It is updated by avoiding marked contrasts, with extra volume – glosses come in here – and by blurring the lines well to avoid that, if the pigment of the lipstick disappears, an unsightly ring remains around the lips. “I recommend applying the lipstick first and then the liner because it glides on much better and allows you to compare the two sides and correct perfections and asymmetries,” says Ioana Gabriella, make-up artist at Charlotte Tilbury.



Sheer Lips Moisturizing Tinted Balm Dolce and Gabbana. 36 euros


Three irresistible covers (rechargeable and in ephemeral collection) and a more natural formula. In 40 shades. Dior Addict, from Dior. 42 euros


Ten shades, from pink to chocolate, with naturalness as the flag. Moisturizing, matte, rechargeable and customizable. nude couture lipstick Carolina Herrera Beauty. bar 29 euros, casing 20 euros.


Three reds created in 1830, 1870 and 1925, reinterpreted in matte and satin finishes. The mythical mirror cases are dressed in velvet. Rouge G Legendary Reds, from Guerlain. Casing 36 euros, bar, 35 euros. Prestige Edition 250 euros

Well groomed lips


Dreamy White pearly transparent balm, Rouge Coco Baume, by Chanel. 38 euros.


Lip repair stick ISDIN. €5.05


Refillable matte contouring lipstick Sensai. €55; recharge 32 euros


Pillow Talk Intense Eyeliner Charlotte Tilbury. 22 euros

“The tone must be the same or slightly darker than the bar. For the lips to be perfect and fuller, it is outlined on the outer edge of the lip, starting with the cupid’s bow. The corners, always from the outside to the inside, ”she explains. The trick to making them appear fuller is to use a slightly darker liner to define the upper arch and center of the lower lip, then blend it out with a lighter one.

Matte ones, which tend to move less and go for shorter hydration, also have their use manual: “Avoid excess product with long-lasting matte lipsticks. If you apply layer upon layer, they will end up cracking,” warns make-up artist Cristina Lobato. Her advice: “Use a primer before lipstick and start to make up the lip in the center, outlining the cupid’s bow, respecting the natural line of the lip.”

A master of eyeliner and nude is Victoria Beckham. Don’t miss her tutorials on Instagram.

balms time

For painted lips to look properly, it is essential that they are well hydrated and without a trace of the skin that ruins a good finish. They have a tendency to dry out, their biggest problem: “This is because the skin of the lips lacks protective cells, fat and keratin”, point out the ISDIN experts.

What not to do: bite them or moisten them with saliva, a gesture that, far from helping, worsens their condition. A professional trick. Apply the balm before starting makeup so that it acts while you work on the rest of the face.

Stuffed, yes but in moderation

Lip filler with hyaluronic acid is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments at all ages. Due to genetics or the passage of time, it can present asymmetries, be refined… or be too fine for the fashions imposed by social networks. Many young women who ask for “natural” lips are actually looking to gain volume.

The first thing is to put yourself in good hands. Dr. Gema Pérez Sevilla, maxillofacial surgeon and expert in facial aesthetic medicine, warns about the excess of filler product that “produces ‘balls’ that become more evident when smiling”, and that it is too dense “even if the right amount the result will not be perfect, he says.

Source: Lavanguardia

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