Custo Dalmau and his fifty parades in New York between books, music and t-shirts

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Chaotic New York has regained its breakneck pace. You can see it in the kilometric queue for immigration to enter the city. The impossible search for a free taxi or the throng of people walking briskly through downtown Manhattan. The scene is further exaggerated at the Angel Orensanz Center Synagogue, where dozens of models run around in spectacular unbuttoned gowns. Among all this chaos, Custo Dalmau is finalizing details for his firm’s fiftieth parade at the city’s Fashion Week. “It is said quickly”, admits the Catalan dressmaker.

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Seeking some peace, he directs me to a 1950s-style coffee shop on the corner. There, on a padded sofa overlooking the NoLIta neighborhood, with a giant coffee on the table and a red velvet at least 10 cm high, Custo finally breathes: “I love New York”.

Final carousel of the 50 fashion show in New York by Custo Barcelona
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A fashion project matured The creative project of this Catalan dressmaker imploded at the same time as the New York catwalk. It has been 25 years since he paraded in the city and his homonymous signature -which turns 42- has never stopped reinventing itself. “In this time the industry has changed a lot but we have been able to adapt to the changes. We have the same concept as when we started but matured, he is more experienced”.

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The past is past At 65 years old, Dalmau does not stop looking to the future. He shies away from the word retirement and acknowledges that the key to happiness, at least his own, is loving what you do. “I am a very enthusiastic person about what I do. I practically don’t consider it a job, I do it for pleasure”, he explains and adds:“ I don’t plan to retire. I hate the idea of ​​sitting around doing nothing. I think that with enthusiasm and above all taking care of yourself physically, you go up the steps. Or going down, depending on how you look at it.”

in your closet “T-shirts continue to be the iconic piece of the brand. In my wardrobe they are a priority for their functionality, easy to combine, comfortable. It is the most used in the wardrobe of humanity.

a hidden passion “Hidden I no longer have any but I really like to travel but to discover and learn, get into rare and exotic places.”

inspires you “I am inspired by music and books. I like to read three or four books at a time. the last one i read is I Julia”.

Custo Dalmau after his 50th fashion show at New York Fashion Week

your day to day When he is not traveling, his day to day starts early: he takes his children to school -he has five-, plays sports, for him “something fundamental”, and spends the rest of the day in the office. “You have to understand that family life is one area of ​​your life and work life is another. I try not to intercede, that is, I don’t take my work home and I don’t take my family to work”, he answers the big question of how to reconcile both lives.

a different industry Dalmau is aware that the industry has changed radically. And consequently, his vision of her has too. “When we started it was a completely different industry than it is now. It was very creative and now it’s strategic and logistical,” he admits. Perhaps that is why in 2019 he licensed the brand to Velmar. But despite leaving the strategic direction in the hands of the Italian group, he never separated himself from making business decisions. “25 years ago I would have told you that a creative has to dedicate himself to his own thing”.

the metaphysical universe The advance that has never gotten used to is that of new technologies, such as social networks or the metaverse, and the social changes that they produce. “The metaverse is the typical advance that can be a setback. A brutal sensation that transports you to a fictional universe without leaving home. It’s like heroin. It can be very addictive and distort the human condition”, he says.

Source: Lavanguardia

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