Seventies, acrylic or with impossible handles: the happiest birthday of ten iconic pieces

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The best furniture and lamp firms… celebrate the anniversary of their designs by updating them, with new versions, renewed upholstery, luxury finishes, improvements in comfort, sustainability or new accessories. They also relaunch pieces that had been discontinued, sometimes in limited editions. Some are updated by the very designers who created them. Or by the teams of companies or other designers.

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Jean Prouvé baptized his armchair with the name of this endearing mammal, associating it with a seat that supports weight on its hind legs, and provides great comfort. Vitra relaunches it in a limited edition of 150 units, in collaboration with Catherine Prouvé, the daughter of this French creator, who considered furniture design almost like an engineering task. The new version combines natural oak with metal legs and upholstery in soft bouclé fabric.

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Acrylic Lamp / 60 years

Joe Colombo and Gianni Colombo for Oluce

The Acrylic lamp by Joe and Gianni Colombo turns 60 with a 21st century redesign

Joe Colombo had the collaboration of his brother Gianni in this design for Oluce. In its day it was worthy of the Gold Medal of the Milan Triennale, for the ingenuity of a hidden light source in the base that, thanks to the thickness and curvature of the transparent methacrylate structure, manages to illuminate its head. The anniversary is celebrated with a special version with a black Portoro marble base, one of the most luxurious in the world.

Polsino lamp / 54 years

Gio Ponti

The revolutionary Polsino lamp by Gio Ponti

With a large handle, the brilliant architect Gio Ponti, who worked on all scales, endowed this tabletop model with portability, anticipating a trend to come by half a century. Composed of two identical casings, made of thermoformed plastic material, and mounted staggered on the same axis thanks to aluminum joints that resemble the cufflinks of a fist, it reveals the refined industrial beginnings of the iGuzzini firm. Now with 100% recycled and recyclable PMMA, and available finishes: white-white, white-orange, satin white-black.

La Bambole Armchair / 50 years

Mario Bellini for B&B Italy

The armchair by Tommaso Sartori for B&B Italia

His resounding seventies profile offered in his time a new, more informal sitting. The designer himself now revisits the piece with new color ranges and irregular textural upholstery with which he wants to recall natural surfaces. In addition, it includes filler materials that recover the curves of the original. A limited series has also been launched with the unprecedented Fungi Forest upholstery created by fashion designer Stella McCartney, daughter of the legendary Beatle.

Tria Shelving System / 44 years

J. M. Massana and J. M. Tremoleda

The Tria Shelving System, created by Massana and Tremoleda turns 44

Designed as a modular shelving system adaptable to multiple spaces and circumstances, it has been expanded over time. With a simple and light line, although very resistant, the different elements allow an infinite number of compositions. With a timeless appearance that supports its long history, Mobles 114 celebrates its vitality with four new accessories that make it easy to turn it into a showcase, incorporate LED linear lighting, rear panels or a 90×120 cm table with legs.

Tramonto sofa in New York / 42 years

Gaetano Pesce for Cassina

the Tramonto sofa in New York by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina turns 42

Created by the iconoclastic Pesce for Cassina, this seat reminiscent of pop that unfolds as an interior landscape, has launched a reissue in a limited series of 50 copies made with sustainable materials. Slightly longer than the original model, it is a development by Cassina Lab, in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, to establish circular production systems and recycled materials, such as PET for the sofa’s padding.

Gaulino chair / 35 years

Oscar Tusquets for Bd Barcelona

Gaullino Chair by Oscar Tusquets

Now it is presented in a pumpkin version, with the wooden structure and the leather seat dyed in this energetic tone. An icon of Spanish design, with a lot of personality and stackable, to which subtle improvements and versions have been introduced over the years. His name comes from the influences that inspired the designer: Antoni Gaudí and Carlo Mollino. Tusquets also provides, on the occasion of the firm’s current fiftieth anniversary, a limited series of 50 copies with a hand-painted natural leather seat recreating tiger skin.

Tripod Lamp / 25 years

Santa & Cole

The Santa and Cole Tripod Product Family

Originally created by the Santa & Cole team, for the birthday celebration the publisher has commissioned the textile designer Júlia Esqué to illuminate a new series of lampshades. Esqué has defined them with two unusual and elegant stripes: Diplomatic and Breton stripes, with a thin and thick line respectively. The Tripod was born from a generous suspension screen, to which was added a bundle of three black tubes that made it a floor-standing specimen with great presence. And now it reappears renewed

Loop coffee table / 25 years

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Isokon VG&P

Loop Table by Barber and Osgerby

Designed by the British tandem with curved and plywood birch plywood, now launching a special limited edition in blue stained wood. A booming color that suggests intensity and calm at the same time. A small feat of craftsmanship, his approach to using negative space soon earned him a place in the permanent collections of the Victorian & Albert in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Molletta Bench / 10 years

Baldessari and Baldessari for Riva

The Molletta bench by the Baldessari brothers for Riva

An almost pre-adolescent celebration of a design concocted by the Italians already in our century. Produced by Riva 1920, it appears as an out-of-scale everyday object, typical of pop art. For the occasion, it is made from the valued aromatic cedar wood, carved from a single block, and in three sizes, including a children’s version.

The Kangourou armchair by Prouvé

Source: Lavanguardia

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