Slim waist: These trendy outfits flatter the body (but here are their best alternatives!)

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If fashion is an inexhaustible source of trends, they are not always suitable for all body types. It’s well known: some cuts, colors or materials brightly flatter some fashionistas, while not doing others justice. Therefore, it is an established fact among fashionistas: one and the same trend may not suit everyone. If this stylish statement can put off (or upset) more than one person, don’t panic: packed with resources (almost as much as trends), fashion always has trendy alternatives to celebrate all silhouettes with style. 6 trendy clothes that are not suitable for small bodies and proof of their flashy and trendy alter egos.

Short stature: top tips for managing your short stature and fashionista

Fashion has magical properties to correct a small complex or create an illusion. This is also called style art. On the small side, there are many tricks to elongate the silhouette and avoid the short-legged look, and many brands now have stripes with tailored measurements. On the other hand, there are pieces of “trap” that should be avoided that will flatter our silhouette no matter what. We will surely opt for other equally trendy alternatives, but much more flattering. Follow the guide to find out which clothes are the ones to pout and which to buy urgently. glorifying our little body Trendy.

Size small: These outfits that pack the figure (and these stylish alternatives that elongate it)

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If fashion collections are often displayed in models from 1.72 m and above, the reality is quite different: most women are around 1.60 m or even below. To embrace the trends of the moment without sabotaging our silhouette, here are the bits you should avoid and stylish alternatives to replace them:

Chunky long sweaters / Short sweaters

  • Big long sweaters: No matter how comfortable they are, thick and long sweaters can significantly weight the silhouette.
  • Alternative: when we are little, we prefer short sweaters that will highlight our waist and elongate our legs. Otherwise we might as well tuck our big sweater into our pants (always high waisted).

thick shoes / thin shoes

  • Chunky shoes: Combat boots or loafers, which have been extremely popular in recent seasons, give flattering flattery to thick soles. A detail that will be able to save centimeters for the smallest of us, but, above all, make the silhouette heavier, like large clogs.
  • Alternative: Just as trendy platform shoes will take us to the heights of elegance. Also, thin over-the-knee boots, ankle boots, tennis or mule shoes will be excellent shoes for smaller sizes.

Plus size trousers / Fitted trousers

  • Plus-size trousers: Plus-size trousers, which always pay attention to proportions, can give the impression of a fashionista “swimming in their clothes.”
  • Alternative: fitted pants. Jeans or boots, loose-fitting but also wide-legs will be our best fashion allies to elongate our silhouette. Idea? Bet on a curved model at the top to emphasize the waist and hips.

Bulky down jackets / Short jackets and coats

  • Down jackets: Bulky, down jackets are nothing short of a compliment for small bodies and aggravate the silhouette.
  • Alternative: jackets and coats: To bet on comfort without looking like you’re wrapped in a duvet, we bet on jackets and coats (or even down jackets). With fitted trousers, they’ll rebalance the silhouette for an on-trend undersized look.

Maxi skirts / Mini skirts and fitted skirts

  • Maxi skirts: In the same idea of ​​volume and balance, maxi skirts will tend to gather, especially if they hide the ankles.
  • The alternative: fitted skirts and miniskirts. Indeed, little ones will be able to spend a field day in miniskirts and fitted skirts (above the knee) to elevate their little bodies.

Oversized blazers / Short blazers

  • XXL blazer: solid, oversized blazer will suffocate little fashionistas under its extra-wide cut.
  • Alternative: cropped blazers or belted blazer to structure the silhouette and flatter small bodies.
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