The Pope: meeting and dialogue, a way of life that helps social friendship – Vatican News

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During his audience with the members of the Swedish Academy which awards the Nobel Prizes, François recalls that social dialogue is the “royal road to a new culture” because it presupposes sincere respect for others.

Benedetta Capelli – Vatican City

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The pandemic has strained dialogue and social networks risk reducing it to “multiple monologues“. Pope Francis, who received the Swedish Academy, founded in 1786 by King Gustav III, dwelled on these concepts, recalling that “every little step“Is important to get closer to others, that dialogue”is not synonymous with relativismAnd that a society is noble when it cultivates the search for truth and recognizes the dignity of every human being.

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«With you, Academicians, who keep, so to speak, the “pulse” of cultural dynamics, and who award the prestigious Nobel Prizes, I would like to share this choice of social dialogue as the royal road to a new culture. The pervasive development of social media threatens to replace dialogue with a multiplicity of monologues, often in an aggressive tone. On the other hand, social dialogue presupposes the capacity to respect the point of view of the other with sincerity and without dissimulation. ”

Lack of dialogue fosters a culture of indifference

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«I am sure you, too, have seen that the long pandemic crisis is straining your ability to engage with others.», Observed François. This situation is due to confinement, but also to the changes that have taken place “in each of us, even unconsciously“. We become suspicious, distant, closed and tired when we work together, noted the Bishop of Rome.

«The first thing to do is therefore to become aware of this reality, which threatens each of us as a person, weakens our capacity for relationship and impoverishes society and the world. Even unintentionally, this tendency risks playing into the game of the culture of indifference. “

Small steps, but of great importance

This concern of the Pope is shared by the Swedish Academy. This is evidenced by the words of its president, which echo those of François: “in times of crisis, every small step that can bring human beings closer to others is of great importance

«It is the daily practice of meeting and dialogue: a way of life that does not make headlines, but that helps the human community to move forward, to grow in social friendship. The encyclical Fratelli tutti contains a chapter – the sixth – devoted to this choice: “Dialogue and social friendship” ”.

«Dialogue, added the Pope, is not synonymous with relativism; on the contrary, a society is all the more noble if it cultivates the search for truth“. This takes root when it recognizes that “every human being has an inalienable dignity“. And to conclude by affirming that this principle can be shared by believers and non-believers.

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