Take advantage of 35% off the excellent Withings Body+ connected scale!

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Take advantage of a great promotion this week on the Withings Body+ connected scale on Amazon.

There are countless connected scale manufacturers with more or less similar prices. However, if you intend to favor a brand and above all, French know-how, the Withings Body+ is the connected scale for you! In addition to that, and for a few days, you will be able to acquire it at a very attractive price so as not to break the bank. Indeed, the Withings Body+ is currently priced at €64.99 instead of €99.95 at Amazon, a reduction of 35%!

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Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

A French Touch even when weighed

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The quality of French products, whether in watchmaking, in textiles, in luxury, no longer needs to be proven. The whole world is snapping up our products and for good reason, the French touch remains unmatched. And, the same goes for the Withings Body+. Thanks to its technologies, the Withings connected scale will be able to follow and above all, calculate what is inside your body (fat mass, muscle mass, water, bone weight, BMI, pregnancy, etc.) . In short, you will have an impedance scale at home! You will no longer need to go to your nutritionist, or another health professional.

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Whether it’s to follow your weight monthly in a classic way, or on the contrary, if you pay much more attention to your weight than most people (dry, weight loss, muscle mass gain), the Withings Body+ will be your ideal companion. Thanks to its connected functionalities, you will be able to precisely follow all the information collected by the connected scale within the application itself. The latter is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. And moreover, if you have health applications, the information read by the Withings Body+ will also be transferred in order to follow your metabolism with a single application.

Up to 8 people per Withings Body+

If you intend to buy the Withings Body+ for the whole family, it will be possible to save up to eight profiles. The connected scale from Withings will automatically recognize the person who is there and will also make it possible to follow the evolution of their body. Each person will have a profile that will automatically sync with the person’s app. In short, no more question of making your brother or your father believe that he has gained weight (it’s not nice to cheat).

As far as autonomy is concerned, here too, the Withings Body+ is strong! The connected scale is able to hold… Hold on… 18 months while being connected to wifi. When you receive your Withings Body+, you will receive 4 AAA batteries in order to start on a good basis for the next 18 months.

In short, the Body+ is the connected scale that everyone should have at home. As a reminder, the Withings Body+ is currently on sale at a price of €64.995 instead of €99.95 at Amazon.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

Source From: Google News

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