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When we stop to look at our home, it is common for us to realize that we have been postponing this much-needed change for a long time so that our rooms have a renewed, fresh air that is much more in keeping with our style.

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The two main drawbacks for which we extend the life of old furniture or that we had already found when we arrived at our apartment are the economic issue and the time investment that finding something that convinces us can mean.

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Luckily, for years, neither of these two aspects have been real problems if we know where to look. Ikeathe world’s best-known furniture store, is the perfect place to find very affordable, quality options just a few clicks away if you don’t have time to go physically.

The best Ikea deals in August: up to €149 less on shelves, chests of drawers, tables, beds...
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In addition to how interesting the prices of furniture in Ikea are usually, did you know that every month they launch offers and promotions so that renovating the house is even cheaper?

Thinking of inspiring all those who are looking to update or improve the bedroom, the living room or other elements of the house for very little, from The Buyer of La Vanguardia we have made a small selection of the best IKEA offers for the month of August. You can save up to €149 on shelves, chests of drawers, tables, mattress and sofa sets…

Some benefits are only available to Ikea Family members. If we are not yet, we must take into account that it is a service with sign up FREEso it is very likely that we are interested in taking it into account before our purchase.

🚛 Also, what should we know about shipping / collection?

  • Free Click&Collect for orders over €100 (Valid until 08/31/2022)
  • Parcel shipments now from only €2 (Valid until 08/31/2022, max. 25 kg. Delivered at the door of the house)

Combination of mattress and canapé in different sizes

Discount of up to €149

KVITSÖY sofa + ÅNNELAND mattress (135x190cm).

If we are looking to change our bed or renew our children’s bed, the perfect option is, without a doubt, this one, with which we can save up to €149.

A possible combination that we suggest is the KVITSÖY sofa + ÅNNELAND mattress (135x190cm). Instead of costing €829, it will cost us €679. In addition, we can choose if we want the drawer structure in white or black, to combine it with our furniture.

buy at ikea for €679

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IDANÄS chest of drawers with 6 drawers

€40 discount

The best Ikea deals in August: up to €149 less on shelves, chests of drawers, tables, beds...

The IDANÄS series combines timeless design with modern functionality, so this beautiful and practical wide chest of drawers, with 6 equal-sized drawers, has plenty of storage space and ample surface area for decorating.

This model is available in white and in a dark wood, so that we can choose well which one combines best with our bedroom, living room, study, dressing room…

By having high legs and leaving a gap between the floor and the body of the furniture, it will allow us to clean easily and without leaving corners at home.

buy at ikea for €309

MALM desk with storage

€30 discount

The best Ikea deals in August: up to €149 less on shelves, chests of drawers, tables, beds...

Those people who, due to their work or studies, require a space at home for it, will be able to find a very versatile and comfortable desk in this Malm model, with a smooth top and a chest of drawers as a right leg. It is available in light wood, white and black.

In this additional storage area we will first find a drawer in the upper part and, later, two fairly large shelves to place papers, notebooks and all the material that we may need to have nearby without being in the way when we work.

buy at ikea for €169

HAUGA 2-door cabinet

€20 discount

The best Ikea deals in August: up to €149 less on shelves, chests of drawers, tables, beds...

This is a wild piece of furniture that looks good in any part of the house, either alone, with other furniture from the same series or with the ones we already have in the room in particular.

Hauga is a tall cabinet that offers open storage space in the form of four upper shelves and one closed divided into two doors in the lower area.

In addition, the assembly is very simple, since the different parts of the structure fit together with pressure plugs that are inserted into pre-drilled holes. Since the shelves are adjustable, it will allow us to adapt the space according to the needs we have.

buy at ikea for €129

HAUGA sideboard with 3 drawers and two doors

€20 discount

The best Ikea deals in August: up to €149 less on shelves, chests of drawers, tables, beds...

The Hauga chest of drawers will allow us to make the most of the storage space while also respecting the aesthetic part of the room at all times, be it the dining room, the bedroom, the entrance…

In addition to six drawers of the same size to store everything we want (clothes, sheets, towels…), in the upper part there is a shelf as a sideboard that underlines the traditional style of the furniture and invites to place decorative elements such as vases, jewelery boxes. or whatever comes to mind. It is available in both white and grey.

buy at ikea for €159

BRIMNES bedside table

€10 discount

BRIMNES bedside table

If we are looking to renovate our home, we may also be interested in this simple but practical bedside table model, which includes a drawer and an open storage space.

This model is only available in white and the drawer has a part in opaque glass, to give it a more groundbreaking touch.

buy at ikea for €39

KALLAX open shelving unit

€10 discount

KALLAX open shelving unit

If we want to place a vertical bookcase-type shelf to correctly organize books, CDs, folders and any other object, we can use this model, which in addition to being simple and practical is very economical.

For less than €60 we will have this structure with eight shelves, available in white, black and in various other shades of wood.

This model is perfect not only for a study, but also for the bedroom, living room, dining room or even the entrance. In addition, we can place it vertically or horizontally, as we like more.

buy at ikea for €59

* Prices updated as of August 4, 2022

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Source: Lavanguardia

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