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With the arrival of good weather, it is inevitable that we feel a huge desire for summer, outdoor plans, vacations and, why not?, some concerts or festivals, one of the main dishes of our country for some years. Whatever type of music we like or whatever style we prefer, there is an option for us.

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In addition to the music and the artists who head the bills of each of these events, the festivals are increasingly popular because of the atmosphere they breathe and the influence they are having on the world of fashion. For this reason, it is not surprising that more and more singers, actresses or influencers have surrendered to this trend for their ‘looks’, even in everyday street fashion.

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One of the clearest examples and one that has also become a style benchmark for her stylistic successes in all the public appearances she has starred in in recent months is the actress, model, dancer and influencer Begona Vargas.

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Thinking of bringing this characteristic style to the wardrobe of all young women looking for ‘looks’ to go to the festival or for any other occasion, the Madrid-born and Springfield They have created a collection that is the perfect marriage between the casual and fresh style of festivals and the natural and light fabrics and textures of ‘slow fashion’.

From The Buyer of La Vanguardia we tell you what are the garments of this line that is sweeping. If we don’t want our favorite options to run out, we’ll have to hurry, since this collection is only Available until next May 16.

Crochet top with flowers

Crochet top with flowers from Springfield in the collection with Begoña Vargas

A versatile garment that will become the star of our wardrobe this season is the floral crochet top included in this Springfield collaboration with Begoña Vargas. It is available in size S, M and L.

The best thing about this piece, in beige and that combines other tones such as electric blue, green or red, is that we can wear it with all kinds of bottoms. From the jeans, the option with which the actress has combined it; to denim skirts, shorts or looser skirts.

This top is made from 100% cotton, so it’s quite light and won’t be a bother whether you wear it in spring or summer. Plus, it won’t sting or irritate your skin like other pieces in the style.


Linen midi dress with floral print

Linen midi dress with floral print

If, due to our style, we are looking for a midi dress, this white linen dress with floral motifs in pink tones will make us fall in love for sure due to its versatility and how comfortable it is. It is available from size 34 to 44.

In the chest area, the fabric is honeycomb to adapt perfectly to our silhouette. From the waist down, it is flared and reaches mid-calf (a little below the calf), making it a very cool garment. Another very nice detail are the bows on the straps.

This garment will become one of the garments that will give us the most play. On the one hand, if we want it for the festival look, it will look great with brown Cowboy boots like Begoña Vargas’s.

If we prefer to wear it to a more formal dinner, we can combine it with a short cardigan, a wicker type bag and some wedges for a more romantic and Ibizan ‘look’. Also with white sneakers and a denim jacket it will be 10 if we want it for an afternoon on the terrace or a weekend meal.


Crochet dress with multicolored stripes

Crochet dress with multicolored stripes

Jumping to a shorter garment, we find this other very fresh and versatile dress, perfect for any occasion, made of multicolored crochet with a striped print, which falls above the knee.

This option, available in sizes S, M and L, combines very flattering pastel tones such as purple, orange, yellow and blue. In fact, this last color is the one that stands out the most in the area of ​​the straps, where it has some pretty crochet bows.

The garment, also 100% cotton, can be combined with everything that comes to mind. If we want to be comfortable, the ideal is to wear it together with white sneakers, a denim jacket and a small bag.


Short dress with floral print and ruffles

Short dress with floral print and ruffles

The collection also includes this other maroon dress with a floral print in a very pretty ‘boho’ style, which has ruffled sleeves and a very flattering flared skirt. It is available from size XS to XL.

This garment has a square neckline made with honeycomb fabric up to the waist, where it narrows to accentuate the hourglass shape and highlight the silhouette. Therefore, it looks good on both people with little chest and those who have more.

Being 100% polyester, it is also a very cool dress perfect for both spring and summer. In addition, it can be worn in a more informal or formal ‘look’ if we choose the accessories well: for a casual and street style, with sneakers; to go out to dinner, with wedges or platforms, and to go to the festival, with cowboy boots, just like Begoña Vargas.


Midi dress with crochet, halter neck and printed skirt

Midi dress with crochet, halter neck and printed skirt

Finally, another midi dress that we cannot miss if we like to combine textures, colors and patterns is this one, which combines white crochet with a much lighter and more colorful fabric.

This garment, available in sizes S, M and L, has a halter neck and the entire chest part is crocheted. At the waist it narrows to enhance the curves and, from there to the middle of the leg, it shows off an evasé skirt with friezes that combine colors such as orange, light blue, yellow and pink.

Being a slightly more ornate dress, the ideal is to combine it either with flat sandals or with wedges or platforms. Also, a nice touch can be a denim jacket and a brown bag, for example.


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* Prices updated as of May 13, 2022

Source: Lavanguardia

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