Summer grill octopus and delicious potato salad with sausage. What will Jasiek Kuroń throw on the grill this time?

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Summer, and with it the barbecue season, is in full swing. Cooking on the grill in the open air is a lot of fun for many of us. No wonder – after all, it contains everything that we love so much: delicious food, beautiful nature and free time spent with loved ones! In our advice series, we try to show you how to diversify the dishes we all know and love. Today Jasiek Kuroń will prepare a dish that will surely win the recognition of younger revelers, as well as a salad that, in addition to being a great snack in itself, will perfectly match other delicacies straight from the grill.

How to encourage children to eat grilled food?

Unfortunately, children are often reluctant to eat the foods that adults eat. It is not even about the taste of some dishes, but about their appearance, which, for various reasons, may not appeal to children. So what to do so that the child does not fuss at the table? It’s easy! Although everyone knows that you cannot play with food, it is worth diversifying the form of its administration a bit. In our grill cycle, Jasiek Kuroń uses JBB Bałdyga’s Polanki sausages for this purpose. Funny and lovable octopuses will certainly encourage every fussy eater to eat.

Barbecue octopus with JBB Bałdyga Polankami sausages

Grilled octopus according to Jasiek Kuroń's recipe
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Grilled octopus in a new versionSource: photo: Piotr Mizerski / mat. press releases

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Grilled octopus according to Jasiek Kuroń’s recipe

  • 4 Polanka JBB Bałdyga sausages;
  • 100 g of puff pastry;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • ketchup, mustard;
  • black sesame seeds.
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Cut the Polanki JBB Bałdyga sausages lengthwise into 8 pieces, leaving one end (about 2.5 cm) intact. Cut a circle out of the puff pastry and wrap the end of the sausage around the end of the sausage so that the dough forms a kind of thimble. Using a skewer stick, attach the cap to the octopus and place the whole thing on the wire rack. Make sure that the Polanka JBB Bałdyga sausages do not lie directly above the heat. Grill until the octopus is browned, sprinkle with sesame seeds, then serve with ketchup and mustard.

Potato salad with grilled sausage from the barrel JBB Bałdyga

Potato salad with grilled sausageSource: photo: Piotr Mizerski / mat. press releases

  • 300 g sausages from the JBB Bałdyga barrel;
  • 4 boiled potatoes, diced;
  • 4 pickled cucumbers, cut into 1 cm half-slices;
  • 1 medium red onion, diced;
  • a glass of frozen (or canned) peas;
  • 1 pointed pepper (ramiro), cut into strips; 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise or yogurt;
  • salt pepper;
  • optional dill or chives.

Grill the sausage on the wire rack. Meanwhile, dice the potatoes and onions, and dice the peppers and cucumbers into 1 cm thick half-slices. Mix the prepared ingredients in a bowl, adding also peas and dill or chives. Cut the baked sausage into half-slices and mix with the remaining ingredients.

More barbecue options can be found on our subpage.

Source From: Dziendobry

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