Inclusion: Caring for “different” children in different ways

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Emmanuel Macron announced it: Including people with disabilities would be his priority during his second term.

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President Macron has announced that the participation of persons with disabilities is a five-year priority, led by the Rock Group. Stereotype Its members are autistic and claim it. He released his third album and gave a concert in Paris on May 5th. They will perform at Gaité Lyrique on May 20th next year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hall in Paris. Decoding of psychoanalyst Claude Harmos.

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franceinfo: Why does the existence of such a group still cause so many surprises?

Claude Harmos: This surprise, rather than a long speech, shows the image of our society of people with different autism and other medical conditions.
We tend to reduce them to their medical condition, so we are surprised that they can make music (or something else) and have a generally recognized talent.

That is, just make sure that this condition is interfering with or preventing their behavior. Therefore, we infer from the perspective of “less.” By forgetting the “plus”, that is, beyond this medical condition, by forgetting all their qualities, their shortcomings, and all the talents they can discover in them.
And unfortunately, they don’t find it too often. Because this vision of things influences the way we care for different people since we were children.

What do I need to change with this support?

It will be necessary for pathology, handicap to benefit from treatment and necessary equipment without being replaced by a child of identity. And be treated like everyone else. Of course, going to the same school is very important.

However, this is not enough. Schools must also be able to create a real place for it. That is, help him in relation to the reality of his handicap and the difficulties he can create (eg learning) (some children need a companion). However, in connection with the social image of this handicap, “different” children, like all children, are considered and should be said to be successful. But he needs it more than others. Because he must overcome the idea that his differences can prevent him from succeeding (as society still believes too often).

And we also envision that including “different” children will help other students change their perspective. And this is essential because it is through education that we can change our view of social disability.

Is the arts important to these children?

The artistic field is important for all children. Because they let them discover the joy of new means of expression. But it’s even more so for “different” kids, because it can express everything that can’t be said otherwise. Furthermore, express it in a way that is evaluated by society.

The Astereotypie group has proved that, and it’s a great message of hope for all parents.

Source: Francetvinfo

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