A magnitude 5 earthquake struck Mars

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A magnitude 5 earthquake on Mars was detected by the InSight probe, now on the red planet. This is the largest ever detected on another planet. Experts have been waiting for strength: You should be able to understand the inside of the structure of the planet.

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Mathilde Fontez, Editor-in-Chief of Science Magazine Epsiloon Today, he will take you to space towards Mars.

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franceinfo: On Mars, the probe recorded a record earthquake. Is this the strongest ever detected on another planet?

Matil de Fontes: Was so May 4th, NASA has just released a measurement. Even if it happened on Mars, the quake reached magnitude 5. It will be a moderate earthquake on Earth. The most severe earthquakes reach magnitude 9. But on the red planet, and even on all other planets, it’s certainly a record.

Isn’t this the first time an earthquake has been detected on Mars?

It was detected at the 1314th. At this point, it must be said that Mars has a probe specially sent to measure earthquakes. It’s called Insight and landed in 2018. Since then, it has been constantly receiving the heartbeat of Mars.

The purpose here is to explore the interior of the planet. This is the first mission to do this. Other missions, probes in orbit, and now Mars, Perseverance, and curiously rolling Rover are dedicated to surface research, or searching for traces of life. The question there was whether the planet was still active.

And do you prove that this quake is so?

Yes, this quake and its predecessor 1313 show that there is still energy and heat in the center of Mars. The planet is not dead. Volcanic activity that seems to have been in the past has disappeared, but it continues to move. But this record-breaking quake, this “major quake,” was expected by all researchers. The stronger the seismic wave, the deeper the structure of the planet’s subsoil can be reconstructed.

Last summer, a magnitude 4.2 earthquake was detected. It made it possible to explore the planet to the outer core. But the waves did not reach the core. No analysis has been done there yet. Researchers are in the process of scrutinizing Insight data. But everyone wants to reach the core. Therefore, these waves allow us to fully map the interior of Mars.

Is there any other such fierce Mars?

Yes. However, I’m not sure if Insight can get them. The quake arrived just in time: three days later, the probe broke down! InSight has been weakened for two years by a storm that kicks dust from Mars and reduces the light captured by solar panels. And on May 7th, she was in safe mode for this reason. Winter began on Mars, dust in the air increased, and the light became too dark for the probe to function.

So this “big earthquake” is the last small earthquake. It happened just in time!

Source: Francetvinfo

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