Tasty cuisine in Masuria. Mikołaj Rey recommended the best places

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Masuria is very popular among Poles, especially during the holiday season. Charming lakes and fresh fish attract thousands of tourists. On Dzień Dobry TVN, Mikołaj Rey decided to visit the most delicious places.

Sailing bar on Lake Szymon

Mikołaj Rey accompanied by the helmsman Marcin Szczubełek went on a boat trip on Lake Szymon. It turns out that this is where the unusual fry room is located. It has no connection with the land and is drifting on a barge. Although in this area you can successfully catch zander, whitefish and perch, burbot is the most popular among gourmets there.

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– 11 years ago I decided to finish my work in Warsaw. I had a road and construction company there, and here I built a house for myself in my old age. I found that if there is such a lot of people traffic on this lake, I will have a job close by. (…) I always take fish from winter fishing. Then there are the best conditions. (…) Customers usually wanted zander, but for some years now I have been asking them to try burbot. After they try this burbot, they don’t ask for zander anymore – said the owner of Żeglarska Smażalnia, Adam Nicewicz.

A cook who is a musician

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Then Nicholas Rey met the cook and the singer. Rui Teles is a native Portuguese who first fell in love with a girl from Masuria, and then with Masuria itself. He abandoned the Atlantic coast and his job as a physical education teacher to settle in Poland and treat his clients to Portuguese cuisine. How did he find himself in Sztynort?

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– I lived in Poland for some time, but I was thinking about returning to Portugal. It wasn’t hot in here, and there were too many mosquitoes. My brother-in-law Kamil asked me to start cooking in the port of Sztynort. I said, “Why not?” and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made – Rui Teles revealed in our program.

Now Rui Teles runs the Prato food truck to Dia (in Polish: dish of the day), which stands near Baba Pruska. It immediately catches the eye, because it is yellow and has painted portraits of Portuguese poets and heroes, which are the work of Nuno Saraiva – a graphic artist known in Portugal. On Dzień Dobry TVN Rui Teles prepared one of his signature dishes of octopus, small octopus and shrimps. He also revealed that he met guitarist Krzysie Górniak in Masuria, with whom he founded the band Astrolab. They just recorded the first material.

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