The cult tart from Saint-Tropez. “This taste cannot be recreated, although many have tried”

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Tarta Tropézienne is one of the most popular French desserts. Few people know, however, that the recipe for this delicacy is made by a Pole. How did it come about? The owner of the confectionery, Sacha Dufrene, told about it on Dzień Dobry TVN.

The amazing story of Alexander Micki

Alexandre Micka came from Poland to France after the war. Then, in Saint-Tropez, he decided to open a pastry shop on Place de la Mairie, where he recreated his grandmother’s recipes. As he settled his life alongside a French woman, his business became more and more successful. Much of the merit in this Brigitte Bardot, who visited the premises during the production of “And God created woman” in 1955. The entire film crew was delighted with the delicacies made by a Pole who, under the influence of the beautiful actress, called his signature dessert “Tarta from Saint-Tropez”. Over time, this turned into Tarta Tropézienne, and customers advised him to patent the name.

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– After the premiere of “And God Created Woman”, Saint-Tropez became known all over the world. Lots of artists used to come here and that’s when all of France fell in love with this tart. Celebrities, tourists – all of them came here to buy a piece of Alexander Micki’s famous cake – said Sacha Dufrene in Dzień Dobry TVN.

Takeover of La Tarte Tropézienne

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Alexandre Micka had no children and had no one to pass the business on to. In 1983 he met by chance with Albert Dufrên, who had come to Saint-Tropez to visit a friend. Their fates were combined and the Pole decided to give him a pastry shop. How did the man recall him? In the material Dzień Dobry TVN he said: “He was generous, polite, charming. A good man and extremely hardworking. He was also huge – he was almost 2 meters tall. He loved life, he loved to eat, he appreciated all pleasures”.

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– After 6 months, Mick handed over the confectionery to my father, but he reserved one thing for himself – not to change anything. The recipe and ingredients are to remain as they are. And that’s how it happened. (…) These are two different creams mixed with each other and this is the secret. This taste cannot be recreated, although many have tried. In addition to the cream, we also have yeast dough. It’s delicate, but quite bouncy, otherwise it would collapse under so much cream. This is all I can reveal. The recipe remains a secret. Even in our company, only three people know how to make a cream. We thoroughly recreate Alexander Micki’s recipe that is still in the archive. He wrote it by hand on a piece of paper he gave us in 1985. We cannot imagine being able to experiment with it. Tarta has been a steady success for almost 70 years – added Sacha Dufrene, owner of the La Tarte Tropézienne confectionery and son of a man who took over the business from a Pole.

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