Covid-19: the disease doubles the risk of stillbirths according to a new study

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A new study has just revealed that pregnant women with Covid-19 were twice as likely to give birth to a stillborn child.

As the pandemic decreases, more and more side effects related to the Covid-19 are raised by researchers. According to a new American study, pregnant women who had Covid-19 during their pregnancy would have twice the risk of giving birth to a stillborn baby. As a result, the US health authorities have just recommended that women be vaccinated before or during pregnancy.

Covid-19 increases the risk of stillbirths

According to a new large-scale study published Friday, November 19 by US health authorities, the risk of giving birth to a stillborn child is about twice as high for pregnant women infected with Covid-19. In order to reach this conclusion, more than 1.2 million deliveries between March 2020 and September 2021 were monitored by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) through a database of hospitals.

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The researchers thus reveal ” among the 1,249,634 deliveries, stillbirths were rare (0.65% of births, or 8,154 children) “. However, the study specifies that pregnant women with Covid-19 had a 1.9 times higher risk of giving birth to a stillborn child. In detail, the study reveals that among the 21,653 deliveries of women who had Covid-19, 1.26% of cases of stillbirths were observed, against 0.64% of cases for the 1,227 981 deliveries to women who have not had Covid-19.

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This study thus makes it possible to demonstrate the link between stillborn children as well as Covid-19. The CDC, however, could not determine whether pregnant women with Covid-19 were infected at the time of their hospitalization or whether they had been infected previously, given that vaccination status was not always available. The American health authorities explain that ” more studies are needed to examine the role of maternal complications from Covid-19 on the risk of stillbirth “. Researchers suggest in particular that the Covid-19 virus would cause inflammation and decrease blood flow.

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