Everything you need to know about Facebook’s Meta project

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It’s no longer an open secret, the giant Facebook through its founder Mark Zuckerberg decided to change its name. Gone are therefore the old name, it will now be necessary to get used to Meta. Beyond the name that refers to a huge project launched, what has really changed and what to expect in the coming days?

Meta is the new name of the Facebook group. Source: Adobe Stock

Remember that for a few weeks, the American giant has not been doing very well. There was the historic blackout episode that rocked the world and now the owner has to face the shocking revelations of a former employee. Since mid-October, the group has been multiplying strategies to bring the metaverse. If you do not know anything about this major project signed by Facebook, Cryptonews gives you a brief summary of the things to know

What is Metavers?

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Cinema lovers who savored Ready Player One certainly have an apprehension of this word. Indeed, are comparable to another film by Steven Spielberg entitled “the OASIS “. These cinematographic works paint a transversal and futuristic world, a kind of photocopy of this world, but in digital version. A reign in which one would live only virtually in the form of an avatar.

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Making a literal translation of the word, “Metaverse” in French means beyond the universe. The technological advances of recent years accentuate the idea of ​​a world where virtual reality takes power. Just look at what we are able to do today with holograms, VR headsets or connected glasses. But, Metavers goes beyond virtual reality and incorporates feelings and emotion.

Métavers advocates sentimental and emotional virtual reality

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Facebook wants to break with a virtual reality that looks more like a video game than a real life. The group thinks of a real virtual life in which emotions and feelings could mingle. Men cease to be mere spectators, they become actors and take part in actions and experiences.

To put it simply, with Facebook’s Meta project, it is possible to meet people in a park and walk with a person who is on the other side of the earth. You can even go clubbing together, work and live as if you are actually side by side.

Overall, Mark Zuckerberg plans to create a second life. This immersion in a transversal world will be experienced this time via connected glasses and no longer on a smartphone or behind a computer as was the case until now.

What justifies Facebook’s interest in Métavers?

As all web and online entertainment leaders know, whoever controls the Meta-universes will be one step ahead of their competition. This is the next big step for technology to take. Facebook intends to play the leading roles in this area. The Californian giant does not intend to copy features, it wants to design a new form of social interactions designed by its engineers 100%.

With this project, Facebook is not denying its DNA since the group has forged a solid reputation in connecting Internet users. To achieve the long-awaited result, the firm bought several applications; WhatsApp and Instagram are the perfect illustrations. The social network does not skimp on the means, it puts a price on it as evidenced by its acquisition in 2014 of the company L ‘The hidden.

Where is the project to date?

It must be admitted, Facebook is putting the turbo so that everything is operational as soon as possible. Today, some experiences strongly linked to the Meta project are already starting to take shape. Admittedly, the immersion in the futuristic world signed by Facebook has not yet reached its cruising speed. But, it’s only a matter of time before everything is up and running. The goal of this project is to generate conference rooms, classrooms, sales sites and much more in virtual reality mode.

To enjoy this experience, you will need a virtual reality headset Oculus Quest 2. This is when the magic happens, because if we take the example of a business meeting, all stakeholders will be virtually present around the table. These are the avatars who will represent the participants and there will be the possibility of making interactions thanks to the controls and microphone available.

Everything or almost is therefore ready, it just lacks the total support of the public which remains shared for the moment. Some are enthusiastic, while the refractory camp is still important and it is at this level that the Meta project must launch the operation of seduction. Critics dread that Facebook alone monopolizes this technology.

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