Axie Infinity In Free Fall, Crypto AXS Token Price Drops 30% In Two Weeks Sees ‘No Sign Of Buyers’ – The ₿log

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The price of Axie Infinity (AXS) has dropped nearly 30% two weeks after it lost $625 million following a hacking incident involving the underlying blockchain of game-winning platform Ronin Network.

Independent market analyst TJ He claimed There was no “buyer sign” though the price was shifting to areas with a history of pulling accumulators.


This is what I expected but no sign of buyers so far. Bull div at 4 hours but irrelevant with no change in structure. I want to see the price above this S/R. Until then, straight.

– CJ (@IrnCrypt) April 9, 2022

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For example, AXS fell below the demand zone that TJ highlighted as a potential inflection point over the weekend, a move that risks pushing the price further down towards target range support. It’s about $45 this week.

Will the price of AXS token recover?

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The downward trend is visible despite strong assurances that Sky Mavis, the company that created Axie Infinity, will reimburse all users who lost their funds in the $625 million theft. company last week announcement A $150 million raise led by Binance to meet its commitment.

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Plus, AXS points to more downsides after painting the cross of death Between the 20-day exponential moving average (20-day EMA; green wave) and the 50-day EMA (red wave).

The area around the $45 level is already served as an accumulation area for traders. For example, the last retest as support in March has rallied from a roughly 70% rebound to around $75. Similar pullbacks occurred in January and February, when the price dropped to $45.

Meanwhile, as AXS tests the key support level, it will cause the daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) to drop below 30 – an ‘oversold’ signal. This suggests Axie Infinity could be due to bounce higher in April.

Technical analysis

According to RSI readings close to 25, AXS price is already “oversold” on the four-hour chart. Meanwhile, AXS her falling wedge pattern raid although a down bullish reversal pattern in theory.

The combination of support – with the oversold RSI and the accumulation zone around $45 – increases the potential for AXS to re-enter the wedge range followed by an upside break.

In such a case, AXS/USD could approach $58, a key resistance level from March 2022, based on the theoretical profit target of the falling wedge, measured after adding the distance between trendlines above and below the breakout point.


Conversely, a break of the main support area around $45 could trigger AXS head and shoulders (H&S) pattern on long-term charts.

This is mainly because the $45 level acts as the neckline of the pattern. Typically, a break below the H&S neckline support moves the asset’s downside target to a level with a length equal to the maximum head-to-neckline distance, for example: shown in the chart below.

As a result, the H&S setup risks sending the price from AXS to: 12 dollars in a decisive break.

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