Is Ethereum 2 delayed? Merger postponed again

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Merging is not for now – network Ethereum (ETH) about to experience a major update, changing the consensus. So it will move from proof of work to proof of share. This transition will happen through a mechanism called The Merge. Merge will be delayed once again, despite conclusive testing.

Merger postponed to June

Community Ethereum I’m looking forward to it Combining. This update aims to link the layer. executive from Ethereum, cradle of decentralized appsfrom NFT and some Challenge with the consensus layer of the token chain, i.e. proof of stake.

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Initially, this Transition planned for June. However, for once, the developers of the project just announced another postponement.

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Indeed, on April 13 Tim BeikoThe person responsible for coordinating The Merge developers reported during a speech that the goal of a June release would not be respected.

“It won’t be in June, but probably in the coming months. There is no exact date yet, but we are definitely in the final chapter of PoW on Ethereum. »

Tim Beiko for a netizen.

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Another disappointment for the Ethereum community. Reception of this news is mixed, with Internet users expressing tired of seeing “Ethereum 2.0” delayed for several years. On the other hand, some users respect the decision by stating that such an update should not be rushed at the expense of the network.

The horizon hasn’t been announced, but let’s hope The Merge takes place in 2022 and we don’t have to wait another year.

Ethereum 2: Merge delayed again

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However, everything was going according to plan.

While we’ve become accustomed to delays from Ethereum teams, this new delay still comes as a surprise.

Indeed, the Merge update was on the right track. Several testnets followed each other, for example kintsugi Where Bakery and both were successful.

Given the success of Shadow Fork, this news is even more surprising. As a reminder, Shadow Fork is a network created by copying the state as well as the history of the Ethereum blockchain. In other words, it allowed to test the deployment of The Merge update under full Ethereum conditions.

“BTW, the mainnet shadow fork was a huge success! Nethermind and Besu have stopped the migration, but a fix is ​​available for Nethermind that allows them to sync. Geth and Erigon are happily moving forward. All clients in the beacon chain are synchronized. »

One of the possible reasons for this delay is lack of customer diversification. Indeed, whether it’s the consensus layer or the execution layer, both run into this problem.

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Source From: Google News

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