Polygon (MATIC) continues its quest for rollups – Make way for Polygon Zero!

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Polygon and its appetite for rollups – Since the start of the year, the Polygon blockchain (MATIC) has never ceased to be talked about. It took advantage of the explosion in fees on Ethereum (ETH) to attract users to its DeFi ecosystem. With its 4 billion dollars in TVL, it continues to evolve and innovate, month after month.

Polygon Zero: a new solution from zk-Rollup

On Thursday, December 9, the protocol Polygon a announcement to have redeemed la startup MirProtocol for the modest sum of $ 400 million.

Twitter publication Polygondu - takeover MirProtocol
Publication de Polygon – Source : Twitter
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The MirProtocol teams are actively working on the development of a second layer solution based on the Zero Knowledge (zk) Rollup. This alliance of the 2 projects will allow Polygon to unveil Polygon Zero, his own zk-Rollup solution on Ethereum.

“The development of Polygon Zero is already well advanced. Part of the solution is a transpilator that will make Solidity contracts compatible with Zero VM. This design is conceptually similar to zkSync 2.0, but with significant optimizations and high efficiency in generating evidence. “

Polygon announcement

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According to Polygon teams, Polygon Zero will have nothing to envy to other zk-Rollups developed in the industry. Indeed, the blockchain wants to accelerate performance thanks to plonky2, a recursive proof system which has the advantage of being:

  • Extremely fast, by making it possible to generate evidence zero knowledge in just 0.17 seconds from a laptop;
  • Compatible with Ethereum, supporting Ethereum transactions, facilitating verification on chain.
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Polygon and rollups: a great love story

Polygon Zero n’est not the first project of this type initiated by Polygon. Indeed, last month, Polygon unveiled Measure, a rollup solution based on zk-Rollups. Unlike Zero, which is based on MirProtocol’s zk-Rollup, Miden is based on the implementation of Starkware.

All of these projects are part of a more global strategy targeting rollups. Indeed, last August, Polygon announced the launch of a $ 1 billion fund, intended for the development of second layer solutions and more particularly zk-Rollups.

“We are convinced that she [la technologie zk-Rolllup] will be a strategic resource in the years to come and our best chance to solve the big challenges we face, and on board the first billion users. With this in mind, we aim to become the leading ZK force in the entire industry and the largest contributor to ZK research and development efforts. “

Polygon announcement

Therefore, the year 2022 could turn out to be full of twists and turns for Polygon. Several solutions based on zk-Rollups should emerge, making up what Polygon calls the Polyverse.

Despite a meteoric boom in 2021, second-layer solutions present many challenges. Indeed, some have no other choice but to make concessions on security and decentralization. 2 aspects which, we hope, will evolve positively in 2022.

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Source From: Google News

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