The world’s largest cake lollipop weighs 44 kilos and measures half a meter

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Nick DiGiovanni is a former Masterchef contestant and current youtuber kitchen with more than 4.5 million followers on her channel, while Lynn David is a mother who also sweeps the same platform with her tasty recipes that accumulate millions of views. Now, both have joined forces to achieve a new challenge: create the largest cake lollipop in the world.

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To achieve this, Nick and Lynn got together in Cambridge and went to work to create the cake lollipop. To do this, they needed: five and a half cartons of eggs, 16 cups of oil, the same amount of cream cheese, ten bags of sugar, 32 glasses of water, two sticks of butter, and 32 boxes of cake mix.

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With all the ingredients well mixed, they managed to make up to eight biscuits that they then crushed to shape the giant ball. In addition, they used meringue to keep the circumference shape in place for several hours.

Two of the Internet's best-known 'influencers' have teamed up to win the Guinness World Record for the world's largest lollipop
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After freezing for a while to form a circumference for the lollipop’s iconic aesthetic, the content creators added the finishing touch by adding cups and cups of rainbow chips and a stick to complete the lollipop.

The result has been a giant cake lollipop that weighs more than 44 kilos and measures 50 centimeters in diameter. Immense dimensions that, without a doubt, have been worthy of the Guinness record for the largest lollipop in the world.

The video has quickly gone viral, accumulating hundreds of thousands of views in the official Guinness record account, where users have assured that “without a doubt, both form an excellent team.”

For their part, the two content creators have wanted to ensure that the food that has been left over has not been thrown away: “We take it to friends and family, to medical aid and to a sports team. We also keep some in our freezer to snack on during the holidays Nothing has been wasted,” they say.

Source: Lavanguardia

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