Covid: Health Insurance offers new tool to identify contact cases

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Posted by Cécile D. Published on February 10, 2022 at 7:55 pm.

Identifying, alerting and testing people in contact with a Covid patient: This is the government’s strategy to combat this highly contagious virus. To streamline this process, Health Insurance is introducing a new tool that allows infected people to list their contact status.

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Hundreds of thousands of new cases every day covid announced: As of February 8, 2022, 235,267 new cases in just 24 hours. For each sick person,Health insurance should start looking for contact statuses. A job that will be facilitated by the arrival of a new online tool, which means that infected people people list who were they with Communication.

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This February 9, 2022, Health Insurance brings it online”List my contact correspondence“A service dedicated to people who have just caught Covid-19 on the Internet. When you discover that you are positive for coronavirus, this site invites you to enter the new coronavirus. name and contact details people “ passed in a risky situation “.

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The site states what these risky situations are: If they encountered a person who tested positive for Covid-19 and one of the 2 people is not wearing a maximum protection mask (example: category 1 surgical mask or FFP2 mask)

AND if in one of the following situations:

  • They share the same living space with a Covid-19 positive person,
  • Less than 2 meters in contact (regardless of time),
  • positive person coughed or sneezed near them,
  • consistently shared an enclosed space for at least 15 minutes,
  • received or given acts of care or hygiene. »

Please note that the number of cases to be announced may vary depending on your health status. if any symptoms, pollution period begins 48 hours before symptoms appear. If you are asymptomatic, follow up with all your favorite contacts seven days before your test date.

Finally, know that you can choose to stay. anonymous : depending on each named case, you may decide to remain anonymous.

Source From: Google News

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