War in Ukraine – An artist from Morvan, in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees, wants to sell his paintings for their benefit

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More than sixty original works are awaiting donation. It remains to set up the circuit to market them. Joëlle Atzenhoffer seeks help from an association in Nivernaise, for example: “I’m alone, I don’t know how to set things up. I want the goal of this money to be transparent from start to finish,” he said.

“Small rivers make big rivers”

Joëlle Atzenhoffer has been a caregiver at Morvan since 2016. The pain of defenseless people hurts him. He believes that “small rivers make big rivers” to help them. Normally he doesn’t try to sell his paintings. He presents them to his friends, to those he gives pleasure to.

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He paints on canvas, but also on original supports: wood, slate, bone… His works are full of colour, mostly non-figurative. He also practices zentangle: the technique of repetitive black and white drawings. The result is stunning.

Source From: Google News

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