Burkinabe architect Diébédo Francis Kéré wins the 2022 Pritzker Prize

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Diébédo Francis Kéré has been named the recipient of the prestigious Pritzker Prize 2022 on March 15, 2022, according to a press release by its organizers. Born in Burkina-Fasso in 1965, he started a carpentry course in 1985, joined the Technical University of Berlin in 1995 and received a degree in architecture in 2004. Afraid to never lose its roots in Burkinabe, she established her agency “Kéré Architecture” in the German capital in 2005. This is one of the points that seduced the Pritzker jury. Diebedo Francis Kere “empowers and transforms communities through its architecture”, he believes. Makes your art a weapon “social justice”, in a reflection always guided by the local context of the project (local materials, climatic conditions). Most of their projects originated in the African continent (Republic of Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo, Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan).

Becoming an architect “servant” users

“I hope to change the way we do things, to encourage people to dream and take risks”After receiving the distinction, the architect commented. “Being rich doesn’t mean you have to waste material. Being poor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create quality.” His words don’t hesitate to take a more political turn: “Everyone deserves quality, luxury and comfort. We are all interconnected and the issues of climate, democracy and famine affect us all.” The jury citations on specific projects, lands, such as healthcare facilities, schools, public buildings. “Where resources are scarce and solidarity is paramount”. The value of their buildings “exceeds the value of the building itself”he greets.

This is how an architect makes himself “servant” future users of the buildings honored this year, “improving the lives of countless citizens in a sometimes overlooked part of the world”.

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Discover the Burkinabé architect’s projects on the following pages.

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