School of artificial intelligence, school of geopolitics… SKEMA announces important innovations

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New Masters, launching a think tank, strengthening international partnerships, establishing a school for artificial intelligence and another dedicated to geopolitics… SKY25 strategic plan for early 2020.

SKEMA has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years. In particular, the school, run by its principal, Alice Guilhon, has developed internationally as well as in many areas such as law, artificial intelligence and now geopolitics. The organization wanted to promote its brand worldwide with the implementation of the SKY25 plan.

SKEMA is a globalized institution with a multi-campus approach

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From its inception, SKEMA wanted to be a globalized institution with a strong regional footprint while being a strong brand abroad. The aim of the institution was to issue national diplomas in every country in which it was present. ” Rare, even unique Says Patrice Houdayer, Director of Programs, International Affairs and Student Life.

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The development of the school has been particularly strong in China. In 2019, the country’s Ministry of Education recognized two new programs of the school, including the BBA, which enabled the establishment of a joint school with another Chinese institution, NAU. Thus, SKEMA has the opportunity to take students to Gaokao, a national competition attended by 10 million Chinese every year. Within 2 years, the school plans to welcome 1,200 Chinese students who will be able to study abroad at the organization’s other campuses.

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Dual degree programs have been initiated with local institutions in each of the countries where SKEMA is located. The business school offers a joint degree in China with one of the top universities in the country, USTC.

The management school has also developed other campuses outside of France. The Brazilian Ministry of Education also recognized SKEMA’s BBA, offered in Belo Horizonte, which allows the school to recruit local students. The institution has also taken advantage of its location in Raleigh to give its students the opportunity to complete the mobility period in the United States during the pandemic.

SKEMA does not stop there and will continue its international development. A supply chain program will be launched and presented at the campus in Suzhou, China. A sports MBA program was also launched and offered to students in the Middle Kingdom. It was launched in partnership with several Chinese sports federations.

Regarding the campuses that SKEMA will open abroad, the school states that the project in Russia has been put on hold, while the campuses in India and Australia continue to develop. The school’s teams will soon travel to India to continue the work started.

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New international partnerships for SKEMA

In addition to opening campuses abroad, SKEMA continues to establish agreements with UCLA in the creative industry or partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Berkeley. Students at Belo Horizonte are now offered a program in international management, allowing them to spend one semester in Brazil and then one semester at Florida International University.

SKEMA is also strengthening its partnership with NYU, as students in the GLAM study in luxury program will complete their first semester coursework in New York before completing their education at the Paris campus.

A new partnership was signed with Politecnico di Milano to create a double degree in product management and UX design. A second program will be established next year. ” Our aim is to provide our students with a unique experience. ‘ says Patrice Houdayer.

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A geopolitical school for SKEMA

SKEMA plans to start a geopolitical school so that students can understand the fundamental issues at stake in the international arena. We want to make this theme the foundation for our management students “says Alice Guilhon. In the background of the war in Ukraine, SKEMA recognizes that the creation of this school is more important than ever. Since 2015, all students have benefited from the subject-oriented courses. ” SKEMA wants to go further by becoming a benchmark in geopolitics and contributing to public debate “, explains Frédéric Munier, professor of geopolitics who led this project.

The geopolitics school will irrigate all SKEMA education with hybrid courses as well as modules that will entitle all students of the school to the certificate. It will also allow students seeking a degree in geopolitical education through a dual degree linked to a new as yet undisclosed partner.

In terms of “participation in the public debate”, SKEMA plans to launch a major “SKEMA Think Forward” event dedicated to foresight by 2023. Additionally, teacher-researchers from this geopolitical school will publish contextualizing notes on current events.

SKEMA AI School for Business, an artificial intelligence school

When we train students to become managers, directors, and company directors, we cannot just train them in finance, HR or marketing. To have a general culture and a very strong technical knowledge, you must give them the appetite for multi-skills. Explains Alice Guilhon. Based on this observation, SKEMA is launching a school dedicated to artificial intelligence: SKEMA AI Business School. The aim is to hybridize the students’ program. This announcement is a logical continuation of the creation of the law school in Brazil and the creation of an AI research center in Montreal.

This AI school, SKEMA AI Business School, will host all of the organization’s programs, research and initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence. The aim is to produce knowledge, lessons and research in the service of sustainable transformation of organizations. SKEMA has been positioning itself in this regard for several years, notably in a recently signed partnership with MINES ParisTech that has led to the creation of a training course in data science.

SKEMA is launching an AI research center for Sustainable Value, where approximately fifty researchers will work on data-centric artificial intelligence and human-centred AI, while considering social, societal, environmental and ethical policies dedicated to these issues.

SKEMA AI School for Business will also host programs from the institution. It is already available in various programs such as AI, PGE or BBA. After that, the aim is to issue certificates with the validation of the center located in Montreal. At the same time, the school began to recognize this school in the United States, where it is located.

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Become a committed player with think tank SKEMA Publika

In presenting its SKY25 strategic plan, SKEMA stated that it wanted to be a committed player. ” Schools contribute little to all debates on important issues, and we wanted to equip ourselves with a tool that allows us to participate in public debates and advise political and economic decision-makers. says Alice Guilhon. So this includes the creation of the think tank SKEMA Publika.

Led by Claude Revel, this think tank is based on four pillars:

  • Dealing with issues above the subjects, being ahead of the stage
  • Become an internationally useful content creator
  • Generate resources on public policy
  • To have a multidisciplinary approach between human intelligence and digital intelligence

SKEMA Publika asserts its independence and aspires to be a reference center for decision makers who need analysis on issues related to public policy. Launched on February 24, the school’s think tank aims to be open to the outside world and therefore invite outside researchers, organize public events, etc.

SKEMA Publika showcases five collections: Emergy (a word game on emerging and energy), focusing on emerging trends; Ethical finance and regulations; uncertainties; Country focus; Interfaces that aim to bring different worlds into dialogue.

SKEMA Publika has published the EYES report whose aim is to explore emerging concerns of youth in the countries where the school was established. The survey is based on students from a dozen nationalities and resulted in an analysis of tens of thousands of tweets. Topics examined include: traditional media, social networks, business, technologies and security. It turns out that there is a strong distrust towards the world of work. In addition, young French use the words “future” and “act” less.

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SKEMA Transitions to study the socio-ecological transition

SKEMA’s commitment includes the creation of training courses dedicated to green finance or other topics related to sustainable development. This also includes the installation of a climate fresco to be studied by more than 1,500 students.

The school also created an initiative called SKEMA Transitions. It is a global center dedicated to socio-ecological transition and responsible management, led by management professor Yoann Guntzburger. Is it his duty? To recommend and make visible actions in this direction established across all of SKEMA’s activities and to coordinate working groups on issues such as disability and low-carbon mobility.

The school opens in 2022, the transition year. This year, first-time entrants to the Grande Ecole Program will be offered a hackathon on transition higher education. At the beginning of the school year, the school is launching the deployment of a transitional pathway to ensure that by 2025 graduates have the keys to understanding transitions and becoming actors. A transition platform will also be available to the general public, providing tools and resources to help accelerate these transitions. Finally, SKEMA will also work with a major partner to initiate an analysis of school emissions, as well as the impact of emissions on biodiversity and natural resources.

A look at SKEMA’s history

Alice Guilhon took advantage of this conference to go back to the creation of SKEMA in 2009, reminding her of the fact that the organization wanted to be a local player while still being a very strong global brand. ” It was a non-higher education school model in France, but it is a very productive model, especially in terms of the attractiveness and impact that the school has in its region. . It also took the opportunity to reaffirm SKEMA’s desire to nurture the school grounds.

Thirteen years later, the school has a budget of 130 million Euros with a net result of over 10 million Euros, versus 38 million in 2009. The peculiarity of SKEMA is that it is autonomous and not dependent on CCIs and public subsidies. ” We have created a school model that allows it to finance its own growth. “Welcomes Alice Guilhon.” We stand by this independent and robust model that allows us to develop peacefully. »

Today, SKEMA is a global brand in six countries, with a total of 9,500 students studying on campuses of more than 4,000 schools abroad each year. Alice Guilhon also talks about the organization’s international appeal: ” Every year, 25,000 candidates apply for 4,000 places worldwide. »

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Source From: Google News

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