Plan your next cheap flight and vacation cheaper with CheapTickets

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CheapTickets from Expedia is not just a website, but a mobile app on iOS and Android where you can quickly plan a trip by booking cheap flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and even activities to do on our next vacation.

Whether you want to leave on a whim, because you’ve set some money aside, or because you need a change of scenery, it’s possible to do it at a lower cost.

There are all kinds of websites that let you find the cheapest possible flight tickets, like Trip Advisor.

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There is also the CheapTickets website and app where you can plan all your vacations at the most affordable price, including airfare, accommodation and even activities.

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Plan your vacation for a reasonable price at CheapTickets

On the CheapTickets website it is possible to book everything we need for our next trip.

Book your tickets and hotel room at low prices with CheapTickets

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Available only in English, the CheapTickets website and app offers all kinds of discounts on our next trip or stay abroad.

Among other things, you can find airfare at a very attractive price, especially if you do not want to spend a lot on transportation.

For example, if you want to go to New York, plane tickets are available for as little as $200!

Note that prices displayed on the site and in the app are in US dollars.

We can also book our hotel room on CheapTickets.

When you perform a search, you can select certain criteria such as cost, rating given by other customers, type of property, availability of food, amenities, accessibility.

In short, we can really find the perfect room for our needs.

When you click on the page of the selected room, you can find all kinds of information:

  • Amenities: Air conditioning, washing machine, gym, swimming pool, restaurant, parking lot, wifi type etc.
  • Activities to be done at the hotel: Spa, sauna, exercise room etc.
  • Other amenities: ATM machine, elevator, newspapers, shops, etc.
  • Languages ​​spoken, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, accepted or not animals
  • what’s near the hotel
  • customer feedback
  • Interactive map to find a room more easily based on our current location

sample hotel website cheap tickets air tickets activities travel holidays

An example of a form available on the CheapTickets site.

Rent a car when you arrive at your destination to get around better

Of course, since we spend our holiday away from home, we may want to rent a car to get around more comfortably.

All you have to do is enter the place where you picked up the vehicle and the place you want to return it, as well as the start and end time of the rental.

You can also specify the company of the vehicle you want to rent.

Depending on the type of vehicle you need, the cost can range from $70 to several hundred dollars per day.

Most rental cars come with unlimited mileage; this is great if you plan to drive around.

There are all kinds of cars, trucks, SUVs and even convertibles!

And if you have children with you, you can rent a car bench without any problems.

Activities nearby and at low prices

Now that we have a vehicle to get around, all that remains is to plan the places to visit.

via tab things to doYou can find activities to do nearby:

  • Concerts, shows
  • Attractions: museums and exhibitions
  • Bars, Clubs
  • Outdoor activities: camping, hiking, skydiving, etc.
  • Ship tours, boat tours

app Cheaptickets flight tickets discount room hotel travel vacation

In addition, there are all kinds of discounts for flight tickets, hotel rooms, activities and car rentals in the application.

But all these activities are always more interesting when you can get discounts and thus save even more!

There is also a section dedicated to discount coupons on CheapTickets.

And since the majority of students don’t have a lot of money, there’s a section dedicated to them, with savings tips, student favorites, plus special offers.

In short, the CheapTickets website and app really lets you find the best deals possible when it’s time to travel around the world.

Find out more and book your vacation at CheapTickets

Book your stays and holidays at the best price thanks to the Trip Advisor website

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