Livinhac-le-Haut: For Thomas with autism, music is an integration tool

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Young Livinhacois will be in Sébazac on April 2, on the occasion of the Aveyron version of World Autism Awareness Day, to show that we can get there against all odds.

Thomas is a young Livinhacois 23 years old. He was diagnosed at the CRA in La Grave, Toulouse, when he was just over 6 years old. He did his education at the Sailhenc school in Decazeville, with very involved teachers and staff, an on-site educator, a school life assistant (AVS), and a multidisciplinary follow-up in Rodez and Toulouse. . He also earned his general education certificate (CFG), equivalent to a national patent diploma (DNB) at Paul-Ramadier college.

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His school career then came to a standstill. After she entered IME and changed universities, they were sadly unable to pursue her school career as her parents hadn’t been with her for the week, believing that the lack of appropriate staff and time was getting in the way. his learning.

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At a time when we are talking about inclusiveness, it would be especially good to help these young people develop at their own pace, in the environment they want, by offering the necessary assistance tailored to their projects.

However, with the solid foundations he acquired from an early age and his passion for music, he managed to bounce back without difficulty, because autism causes many daily ailments that upset a family, a sibling, a professional future, a social life. life…

That’s why music saved many diseases, he barely knew how to talk while humming anyway. His first instrument was a drum offered by his grandfather, and when at the age of 12 he wanted to take drum lessons, Paul Pérès, a musician and teacher at Livinhac-le-Haut, took him under his wing. These are the 10 years that they will share and that Thomas is able to play professionally today. His musical godfather is none other than Stéphane is the drummer of Patrick Sébastien, who watches him like a big brother, gives him advice and shares his experiences. But it didn’t stop there! His devouring passion led him to touch the djembe, the congas, the bongo, and especially the cajon, which he discovered with Sergio Pitterbarg, who created the band “The Rockets” at the IME de la Roquette in Lapanouse de Sévérac. unfortunately to this day.

Then his journey continued on guitar. He has been playing the guitar for 4 years, especially with his teacher Laurent Mayanobe at the Zik’Mineur music school in Livinhac-le-Haut, and also his assistant while playing with Thomas’ band “Valérie Music”.

Every year, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day and this year Thomas more than ever wanted to be a part of it. Purpose: To show everyone that every autistic person is different, that we should not only remember the negative points, but that many want to have a social, professional and personal life worthy of their name. !

Many autistic people suffer from these unfair glances. They’re full of life, they have a sense of humor, they want to share, so yes for them it’s a day job and the word “contain” is hard sometimes. What they need is not inclusivity, but full parties, like all of us in this world, entitled to be who they are.

Source From: Google News

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