35 days of good ecological habits for the 35th anniversary of Nature-Action Québec – La Relève

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Nature-Action Québec (NAQ) recently celebrated more than three decades of advancing the environmental cause in Québec by fulfilling its mission to guide people and organizations in the implementation of environmental best practices. On this occasion, the organization created the “Mon nature of action” challenge, which invites the public to adopt good ecological practices over a 35-day period. The challenge in the form of fundraising offers participants, whether citizens, businesses or organisations, the opportunity to change their habits for 35 days by taking action for the health of our planet. The competition will start on the occasion of Earth Day on April 22. It will expire after 35 days on May 26. To participate, simply sign up between March 22nd and April 21st by filling out the form and choosing one of five difficulty categories. Participants are also invited to choose a fundraising goal related to the challenges they face. So he can ask those around him to encourage him by donating to Nature-Action Québec. All funds raised will contribute to the NAQ’s mission, in particular the realization of projects for the permanent conservation of natural environments.

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