BREUIL BASKET CLUB: Basketball players on all fronts this weekend

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At least 90 Brogéliens traveled to the Colosseum to attend the table-top Pro B match between Elan and St-Chamond, as well as to see Scott, the mascot, and Croco reunite. Chalonnais had the ball to win the game, but they couldn’t turn it. In the evening they let their opponents escape from the peak of the championship.

Baby Basket Collection

1st appointment for babies outside the JB Dumay room. Thanks to the committee’s baby basket commission, the Montceau club for this beautiful morning… and Mike Gelabale, who kindly participated again in the commemorative photo shoot!

Congratulations to our baby crocodiles who came back with a win from Mervans after winning 4 periods and drawing 2 periods. They advance at every exit and this shows itself on the field.

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This trip to St Loup marked a stage in the season for the girls of Entente Féminine: just like them, they would face a team vying for the championship. They played eye-to-eye against local players but lagged behind the score the entire match. They went back to -1 before the money clock but the final quarter will be in favor of the green players. 38 to 35 losses. While that won’t make any mistakes for the Blues and Roses, it doesn’t yet mortgage their chances of aiming for the championship.

AS TURNUS-U15 M:46-38
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This Saturday, Nicolas’s bodyguards went to Tournus without their usual leader. This made it possible to test Léo and Maxime in the role. The match starts off timidly on both sides, but the natives find the breach at the end of the 1st QT and take a 7-forward lead after 8 minutes: 10-3. Up until halftime, the Blacks and Pinks followed the coach’s recommendations and gained easier access to the basket. Unfortunately, they only completed one point at the timeout. 3. They continue more successfully in QT and find themselves at 2 points at the start of money-time.
But the final quarter is to the advantage of Tournusiens, who managed to score against a very permeable Brogel defense. In the end, despite a good game, they came back from Tournus in a 46-38 loss.

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In their 2nd pool game, the Senior Girls had to show something other than what they did against Sancé. And it was supposed to be in Palinges. They started the game well and were leading by 13 points after 15 minutes of play, but something must have gone wrong and the local players recovered to 5 points at halftime.
Things are not going well during the Blacks and Roses losing 25 to 9 in the 3rd QT. They find some of their basketballs in the last QT, but the gap opened up by palingeoises before the money’s time cannot be filled at the end of the match.
Lose 51 to 45.


The Blacks and Roses faced San-Rémois this Sunday, expecting a tough match. And looking at the final score (from 45 to 126), we can say that they achieved it. The Saint-Rémy players therefore impose their game against Gabin’s guards and continue to bounce on top of the top chicken of Saône et Loire U17.

ASA VAUZELLES-Basket Seat: 10-60

Players in the wheelchair basketball section do not have many opportunities to play friendly matches with neighboring clubs. Thus, as soon as it appears, everyone responds readily, even if it involves a 4-hour round trip.
This Sunday, they therefore responded positively to the invitation of the Senior Men of Varennes-Vauzelles Handibasket club to play the opening match. As soon as the players arrive, they are pampered by the local club: snack and sandwich allow them to catch the match in the best conditions. 1. QT allows 2 teams to measure each other and turn on their counters one after the other. The Vauzelliens capitalize on the generosity of the Brogelian defense to stay in touch after 10 minutes of play.
During QT, Whites and Pinks close access to the racket with zone defense and widen the gap in attack.
The 2nd half is like this QT but this time with individual defense. Whites and Pinks are stubborn and leave little room for attacks. However, the locals do not lose hope and will continue to try their luck until the end. The final score is 60-10 for Brogéliens, but the important thing is that both teams enjoy this match and the revenge in the JB Dumay hall takes place in very good conditions.


This Pre-District Men’s Championship is pretty straightforward. This weekend, the Blacks and Roses head to club Palinges, which defeated the undefeated leader of the first leg last week.
Aware of this, the Brogelenler present themselves with an experienced team that will play eye-to-eye with the young Palingeois. The difference in scoring is in favor of visitors during QT 2 and 3.
Breuil’s seniors won the game 73-64, returning them to the title contenders. But this place is still accessible by 5 crews.

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