Pau Gasol’s disturbing dance becomes bait for memes: “I can’t stop watching it and suffering”

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Pau Gasol is one of the most successful and prestigious athletes in the history of Spanish sport, as well as one of the country’s most important ambassadors. Currently, as a former basketball player, he focuses his efforts on his own projects with solidarity overtones. The Gasol Foundation is the maximum exponent of it.

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This foundation led by Pau and Marc Gasol aims to fight childhood obesity by promoting physical activity among the little ones. Taking advantage of World Physical Activity Day, the former FC Barcelona and Los Angeles Lakers player, among others, suggested that his followers be encouraged to dance a choreography made by himself to the sound of I dance sorrow of Macaque.

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@paugasol On World Physical Activity Day, #Activate with the @gasolfoundation and @dani_macacoo with ‘bailo la pena’ ???????????? #choreography #dance #physical activity ♬ Bailo la Pena – Macaco
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Although the video was uploaded to TikTok, the dance platform par excellence, it has been on Twitter where it has become really viral due to the reactions it has provoked among users.

Despite the fact that the initiative is full of good intentions, the clip has ended up becoming bait for memes, where tweeters have placed special emphasis on Pau’s attitude and his dancing skills: “It’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever ever seen”

Avalanche of jokes and memes

The clip accumulates more likes, shares and views on Twitter than on TikTok thanks to the spread of jokes, memes and montages.

It’s like tobacco, disgusting but addictive. I can’t stop looking and my health suffers

– Father (@elbasadero) April 7, 2022

I feel very ashamed and sorry now, in the 2 seconds left and after that frame.

– Xavi Cazorla (@Xavi_Cazorla) April 7, 2022

I just saw Pau Gasol on tik tok

— Uncle Anyone (όχι) ???? (@eltipodesiempre) April 7, 2022

“He says ‘choreography done by me’ and you think ‘they must have done it’. And no, clearly he did it,” says one of the comments. Several users have also chosen to edit the video and make Pau Gasol dance to the sound of ‘la Xavineta’ or that he be the protagonist of a news item.

– Enrique Garcia (@KikeGarcia41) April 7, 2022

Better this way.

— listening (@jc_listening) April 7, 2022

— Kilgorim Benzema (@billkilgore_) April 7, 2022

“When I go to see my little brother at homecoming dances,” writes another user. What is clear is that, whether intentionally or not, the campaign can be considered a complete success due to the impact it has had.

Source: Lavanguardia

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