Life insurance: what should you do to ensure your last wishes are respected?

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This is undoubtedly the investment preferred by savers. Life insurance has long seduced French men and women… Most used filing media in France. In reality, it is only doubled by the current account and is better positioned than Livret A. All this, as explained earlier Planethardly surprising: it is a product cut to please.

“Life insurance some strange product in the beginning but who made his mark in the end. There are several tax plans preferable to other investments and benefited from weak French instruments for long-term savings. So filling this gap was not very complicated. However, it must be said that life insurance is not particularly worthless; nevertheless this is not the investment of the centuryHe recalled the economist Jacques Bichot in our columns and continued more succinctly:A good long-term investment of a good family man.“.

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It is clear that the versatility of such an investment is largely its strength. Life insurance makes it possible both to prepare for retirement and to increase precautionary savings…or quite simply to facilitate transmission. Again, To be effective, it must be used well.. Especially for those who want to use it as a legacy.

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In order not to be surprised, it is important to fully understand how this is done. beneficiary substance. It is he who allows (or does not give) the inheritance of the sums put into the contract to the heirs. But what exactly is it?

Life insurance: what is the beneficiary clause?

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“Beneficial substance, The part of the contract that makes it possible to identify the person or persons to receive capital usually on the death of the subscriber insured”, writes the French administration from the very beginning on the public service website.

It is also important to note that it is not theoretically necessary for the subscriber. to indicate to the insured that he is the beneficiary However, in practice of a life insurance contract it is better to inform him; if not, at risk of seeing have to wait to demand payment of capital. In either case, note Live Better-Your MoneyIt is highly recommended that you notify the notary so that your last wishes can be respected.

Life insurance: how to fill in the beneficiary clause correctly?

The beneficiary substance, it is important to remember, can be written by owner life insurance… as soon as the second comes of age. It is then possible to identify any beneficiary, the private information site continues. Likewise, nothing prevents to identify a few.

However, the Civil Code formulates various prohibitions. Here is the list:

  • not possible appoint nursing staffwhen the latter follows the subscriber of the contract for an illness from which the latter may die;
  • It is also prohibited to please a minister of religion (a blessed name that includes priests, priests, rabbis, imams, etc.);

Candidates not allowed immoral (the adulterous partner, for example, when it comes to charging such a relationship)

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